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Hi! My name is Sven and I was born in 1984. I‘m a HAM since 2001 and upgraded my license only 20y later (Dec 2021) 😁.
I’m located in the very west of Germany in a city called Duisburg (JO31IJ).
I‘m interested in (but not FT8) and I like QSOs that go on for longer than 10 minutes. A few weeks ago I started learning CW.

@kachelmannwetter das war das Letzte, was ich gesehen habe, bevor der stärkste Wind, den ich in 37 Lebensjahren in erlebt habe, einige Bäume und vieles mehr beim ersten Windstoß zu Fall gebracht hat. Ich habe gedacht, der Wibd drückt mir die Scheiben ein. Antennen stehen aber noch.

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Die Höchstwerte in Europa heute. Wer die große Hitze sucht, wird mittlerweile in Südeuropa fündig. Für Details in die Länder. /FR

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#Gewitter / #Unwetter – Livestream und Liveticker am Donnerstag

Im Wetterkanal ist eine neue Einschätzung zur Gewitter- und Unwetterlage für Donnerstag und Freitag online. Dort gibt es heute laufend Infos und später noch einen Livestream. /FR wetterkanal.kachelmannwetter.c

A big idea on a small package. Today at the club, the first tests, measurements and QSOs were made. The first impression is outstanding. More reports will follow later.

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My favorite meme from today thus far, you ask? This one, made by Dan Galletti

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Hi, I'm ham radio operator from DL, licensed since abt 4 years. Interested mainly in and other outdoor activities. 73

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I'm Lionel. First got licensed in 2020, though I haven't really done much with it yet. Recently moved from Seattle to a small town in Upstate NY, and that has been interesting. Anyways, Howdy!

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Hello ! I'm glad to be here now too :) If you don't know me from Twitter yet: My name is Tobi, callsign DB8TS! I belong to generation Y (unfortunately born too late for the cool 80s home computer stuff). I'm licensed since 2016 and member of DARC and GQRP-Club! .

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My name is carter and I am a ham. Others may know me by my callsign of NS7I. I am a fake ham that has no time to radio. I also like to create and abandon ham radio web applications like Skeddr and RepeaterWiki. Thank you for listening to my TED talk. Don't forget to smash that SUBSCRIBE button and ring that bell so you you.. oh wait. 73

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Es rumpelt und pumpelt so drum herum. Hoffentlich haben wir das schnell hinter uns. Noch sind die Antennen angeschlossen. Nicht die schlechteste Idee heute beim auf die exponierteste Lage zu verzichten. @mimidu @kachelmannwetter

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my name is Andreas! I got my amateur radio license about a year ago. At the moment i learning cw and trying to get into satellite communication a bit. I am also playing around with those lora boards and meshtastic at the moment.

My other hobbies beside Ham Radio are mountain biking, music (mostly metal), computers (I work as Software Engineer / Linux Admin) and electronics (microcontroller boards etc.)

73 de Andreas, OE3ANC

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Und für potsdämliche Professoren und deutsche Medien: Nein, es brennt deswegen nichts in Pakistan. Die Physik gilt auch weiterhin: Vegetation brennt ab 250-300 Grad. Damit etwas brennt, muss jemand ein Feuer anzünden.

Damit es brennen kann, muss es trocken sein. Dass es trocken ist, hat mit der Abwesenheit von Regen zu tun. Die Hitze ist nur Korrelation, nicht Ursache.


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is a hobby but also an [fair](] in June. Shameless plug: I'm giving a talk (in German) around L and C and resonance and quality factor and "out of which sky does this `j` fall?" and "how do ant tuners tune antennas" and finally, how to calculate a given LC-filter's response.

It'll be fun to prepare, and I hope it will be fun to listen to as well.

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