Hi I will be 64 in March and have had my licence since 1986, I am a very keen QRPer and am learning the Morse code language, I also enjoy digital modes, to cut costs I have built all of equipment from kits apart from my FT817 which i purchased from part of my small army pension, I still use my kits and have just received my 3rd QCX kit for 30m, I also like building and using unusual and small antenna, HP CU SN, Vy 73, Colin DD5CF/G1ZOS

Hey from another old fart, I'm behind you by only few years.

I enjoy building also, most recently been putting together and modding a .

How about you, what are you working on? If you got them, post some pics.

@ab3xu Hi Digger, I have built two BitX TRX one for 20m (only puts out a 100mW) one for 17m (almost finished after a couple of years) I am not very good at fault finding, I find the QCX kits better of which I am building my 3rd (60, 17 and 30m), for pics of my other kits have a look here
I enjoyed your pics of your dummyload I built one like it 30 years ago, I have made and use a dummyload ant and have had a number of QSOs with it
Vy 73 hp 2 wrk u

Finally had a chance to look at your qrz page - thanks for the link! The one kit, the 5 something, looks like it has a lot of mods and seems similar to the µBITX I'm playing with.

I like the sat pic of your rooftop antenna farm; I'll have take a look at mine and see what I can see.

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