For me, and the are still new. They' re a welcome difference from the alternatives like FB and bird sites -- and I'm glad to have found it all.

Unfortunately, the vultures have found me -- though not yet dead. To them I'm no more then carrion to feed from -- whose interest is not in me, my interests, or the conversation we might have -- instead their only interest is in how they can prostitute me.

How disappointing
<heavy sigh>

this is insane (a 256-byte executable that procedurally generates a really good electronic music track):

Tops, spinning tops!

What, haven't mentioned them before?

Something else I collect, but not so much recently. Got these two today made by Chase Lindley, one of the premier -- no, perhaps the best top maker -- at least in the world as I know it. The larger one spun for over 20 minutes the 2nd time I gave it a spin -- and I'm not very good at going doing it.

Blerg, I realize I've been in the process of stockpiling hardware, parts, and supplies in anticipation of the impending thaw.

By that I mean the end of this semester when I complete my grad program.

Between a fulltime day job and two online courses at night I have little time for anything but that. Somehow though, I manage to find the time to order and accumulate stuff for the stuff I really want to do.

A Tale of Two Voltage Regulators.

On the left is a LM7805 voltage regulator. All the capacitors and heatsink were needed for filtering, dampening, and cooling to make the 5" Nextion display happy. All that heatsink is needed because the LM7805, a linear VR, is pretty inefficient.

The far simpler board on the right uses a module that is a drop-in replacement for the LM7805. It is a switch-mode VR and though rated the same as the LM7805 needs no heatsink.

Finally went through the tedious process of calibrating the little watt meter the couples up to the dummy load. I guess it's close enough, but it bugs me that the KX3, Wavenode, and home-built meter don't all read exaaaaactly the same.

Breaking: The text of #Article13 and the #EU #Copyright Directive has just been finalised

Please reshare widely and **take action**. This has the potential to endanger the #internet as we know it, making it more and more composed of only large platforms.

This has the possibility of killing #alternative #socialmedia projects and small #startups trying to compete with the big #corporations.

Dear ,

I hope this note finds you well.

I write to tell you of an unexpected experience I had while in the midst of creating a post. While hoping to upload a video from my cell phone I was confronted with the distressing message "Invalid file type."

Is limited to still images?
Is there a plan to support video in the future?

If not, is there a option for posting short video clips, ala Instagram, or is the only/best option for video?



Dear kids in Washington State: you can make an appointment with your doctor, or walk into a clinic or ER, and get vaccinated. You don't need permission from your parents. You don't have to wait until you are 18. If the health care provider gets confused, the magic phrase is "Mature Minor Doctrine", and point out that not wanting to catch measles is sign of sufficient maturity.

Please reshare, and copypaste this any place this would be useful.

My first experience with Mastodon here. Just moved to the city, so I can’t play on HF anymore (no antennas allowed.) Need to find ways to enjoy amateur radio again. I guess I’ll have to figure out a way to go portable now.

Wow! Moving from the dummy load to my rooftop doublet I get a crazy high SWR on the Wavenode meter. Not what I expected, but it makes sense, since the KX3 has an internal tuner.

Top and center in the first pic is a Wavenode WN-2D I just got. It's kind of disappointing the KX3 is says its transmitting 15W and the Wavenode is only reading 11.4.

In any case, I can now go back and and do a proper calibration on that little dummy load power meter.

When I get another moment, that is.

So there is this peer to peer, chat system. It has no tracking or ads, it doesnt require any infrastructure to be 100% effective. You can use it with your computer and type to folks, similar to IRC. You can literally run a BBS over it and many actually do.

Its called Ham Radio.
#hamradio #radio #peertopeer #bbs

Went crazy for awhile last night. Realized I should be able to use the oscilloscope to calibrate the power meter.

But then, every measurement taken differed from the KX3 and the power meter depending on whether or not I was connected to the oscope directly with a cable, with a probe, or if the probe was set to 1x or 10x.

Went back, redid it all, and the measurements made more sense. Now the meter is reasonably calibrated at least up to 15 watts with the KX3, the only reliable hf tcvr I have

It was suggested I post, and pin, a toot with information about what it costs to run this instance.
I like this, I want to be transparent, and I think it's important that the community have trust and confidence in me, and the hosting.

Currently the costs looks like this:

* £112.50 a year for a VPS
* €25.00 a year for the domain name

All media (avatars, etc.) are sotred on the server, we use 20G of 40G so far.

More details (and optional donations) at

Finally. Got the screws to bolt down the cover and give it a try.

The dummy load. Boom, boom, boom -- 1:1 SWR on any frequency I tried. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise, but sometimes small victories are welcome.

The power meter. It looks to be working too! But look at that discrepancy between the KX3 and the meter? I tried two different cables and get about the same thing. I'll have to wait until I have a chance to take it over to a friend's house and test it against another meter

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