So with my home brew digimode interface finally working I tried a couple of times to do a QSO in FT8. No dice. After sunset the band is dead. Before sunset the FT8 subband is crowded like hell. And I still got too high an SWR. Then, again, pskreporter saw my signals all over Europe. I don't really understand it.

@dl4mat you've got some interesting skip going on looking at pskreporter.

Hope to hear you soon!
I'm sticking with 40m for now

@M0YNG and by "interesting skip" you mean that I get way into Russia but nobody in Germany can hear me?

@dl4mat well no, that's how it works when your signal goes up and back down again.

But it seems directional, no one is hearing you at the same distance to the west.


@M0YNG that is probably caused by my inverted V being not exactly (rather: far from) vertical and oriented towards south-east.

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