Look what came!

I have @alex stickers!

Would you like one?
I think it would cost me around £2 to send internationally, so if you were to donate at least that much and give me an address to send it to I will try my best to send you a free sticker to say thank you for helping to keep our instance running.

PayPal to should work...
You can make an ongoing contribution via too

Thanks again to @Anna for her great art!

@alex @Anna oh, and these are Eco stickers which are like plastic but made from sustainable wood pulp and are completable!

@M0YNG @alex @Anna This is awesome! So I can donate via PayPal and get you an address somewhere? I mean, not like you can’t find it via callsign but where would you like it?

@KC3JXQ a note with the PayPal would work and is what others have done

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