Anybody use an FT-891? Been trying to get ardop working for winlink/pat, and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. FT-8 and other digital stuff seems fine.

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@F1RUM I'll take a read, looks well written, cheers.

I think the last line might be part of my issues, "persevere" is not something my patience is known for ;)

@KF5QHQ ok, effectively, I had to try a dozen of servers to connect successfully.
If your power meter is up when you transmit and you see some level in the recording input device on the PC when listening, you are on the way 😉

@F1RUM Seems to have been the case for me too. After hoping around a bunch, I finally found one that let me connect... Once. So rig is all configured correctly, and everything seems to be good there. Just me being impatient I guess.

Thanks for the post, definitely gave me some numbers to look at/verify.

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