What kind of computing changes can we make to contribute our bits to climate change?

I use a desktop PC which is powered on only during the work hours. However it consumes a lot of power (I haven't measured, but I would guess it is a lot more than a regular laptop).

Has anyone (programmers especially) tried Pi 4-4GB as their daily desktop driver?


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@clacke There's the Pinebook Pro if a performant ARM laptop is on the menu. My T530 is still working so buying one of those is worse than using what I already have.

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@thatbrickster @kensanata @igeljaeger @vu3rdd Yes, sadly I have too many computers to justify buying the Pinebook Pro. 😀
@clacke Stuck with a IdeaPad 110S that I can't put Linux on. Also stuck with an iPhone SE and Mi5S. Having money was a blessing and a curse.

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@vu3rdd @kensanata

I'm not sold on the new pis, but I've used a pi 3b+ for dev before works fine. I kinda miss the laptop enclosure, but the battery went flat because of a faulty charge controller. I'd like to make a new one with 18650s whenever I have space for my tech lab again. imo having a portable energy source is huge because it forces a design based on a limited energy budget.
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