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My name is Fabian Juarez. My callsign is XE2XEH. I am Amateur Radio operator since 2020 but radio enthusiast since many years ago (SWL).

I am a member of Radio Aficionados Regiomontanos, A. C., Azteca DXers and International Radio Network.

My station operates (actually) on 2m and 70cm. Recently add RoIP (Zello, TeamSpeak, Mumble and FRN) to my activities. SDR dongle for search signals.

I am member of Scout Movement and Scout Leader actually.

¡Siempre Listos!

73, Fabian

"Listening on .52 is like a box of never know what you are going to get."

Bob W., K0NR

What difficult is program a pager (Motorola) to use it as a receiver?

I have two or three pagers Motorola but I don't know if is possible change the reception frequency to use it as -by example- a receiver of my messages redirected from my APRS iGate or only as message receiver.

Any suggestion?

TNX 73

Today, I was the control station during the Net. I feel my operation as an octopus: Analog radio (as control operator), APRS-IS and EchoLink was tools very useful to receive QSL during the hour of transmisions.

A great .

Regards! 73

Today change the Radioddity firmware to OpenGD77 firmware and test the capabilities during the Radio Club Net.

My radio has now 3 bands (2m, 1.25m and 70cm) and the power output is now selectable. Text messages is not available... yet.

Today, during the Net, I can connect with the repeater with only 50mW of power. All reports was good and all colleagues said that my voice was clear.

I'll be testing the capabilities but I recognize that the OpenGD77 team are great.

Curious... rejects my connection to *ARARM* channel during all attempts.

Check all connections but I don't found fails. Other channel can be reached without problem.


ARARM Week Bulletin thru platform instead .

fails to attempt connect to *ARARM* group.

Several things on this week:

More QSO in APRS than FM (2m).
My QSO more DX was to Philippines.
My first group of APRS works fine.

Now, I need to program a command line to send telemetry from my equipments.

We'll be informing!

73, Fabian XE2XEH

Today I'm tested the firmware. Well, very well, but exist an ingredient to can accept it. The system.

My idea is test the communication between , and . I hope the next versions include this.

"Remember, is much more than just vehicle tracking."

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR

Testing .

Please, if is possible, send me a greeting message to XE2XEH-5

I'm running .

Remembering Constantino de Tárnava, Father of the Radio Broadcast in Mexico.

The first station was TND (Tárnava Notre Dame). Several years after, XEH.


My Talkpod (PoC 4G/LTE) crashes and show a message as follow:

"dm-verity error" and "Android system on your device is corrupted".

I'll send the next monday to provider. The warranty stills active. 😩

Note: I'll listen the Weekly Bulletin via instead .

Today, I dowload the APRSdroid app into my phone. I wish to know (Testing before buy a radio with this capability). I'm testing it and I see possibilities to use on my radio-related activities.

May be useful to support my Scout Activities. And best if I can use it on my Nokia 2.2 phone.

I'm it during the weekend. I hope can undertand well the use.


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