Seen during my tour of the Sirchie company. They make most of the CSI gear our cops use.

carrying lab samples between hospitals in have been grounded after a crash 50 yards from where pre-school children were playing. Swiss Post said it would examine all safety procedures before flights resumed and asked drone-maker to urgently fix a series of issues.

suspends e-bike service in Frisco after 2 bikes catch fire. Nobody was injured and the causes are unknown. Lyft says it will fix things before bringing the bikes back.

Ageism is alive and well in the tech industry, a lawsuit alleges that wanted to attract engineering talent that might otherwise go to companies such as or . The company has fired over 100k older workers. The lawsuit follows a Propublica report that claims the company targeted staff over 40.

As human beings, we owe allegiance to those we choose to serve so long as it's a mutually beneficial relationship. Part of that allegiance is being willing to share the feedback they need to hear, even if it's uncomfortable, making sure they understand that it's coming from a place of love and support. Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Sometimes it can taste bitter, but ideas on how to move forward can help the recipient quickly digest it and grow.

How various non-fuse devices might be categorized if they were fuses.

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Staying Positive in a Negative World
Our planet is populated with both bad and good people. Our job is to do what we can to bring those in darkness into the light. Ben Ferencz shows us that taking whatever action we can to alleviate suffering is the most powerful way to stay positive in a negative world.

Hey everyone, this is my first "toot", still discovering how mastodon works :) I'm a 40 yo french guy, my interests: programming, reverse engineering, "drones", electronics, software defined radio ...

This young woman wouldn’t have any fear climbing ham radio towers. The Daredevil takes dizzying selfies as she teeters atop skyscrapers around the world. Not recommended for us normal people without lots of safety gear.

[VNA Project] You can find information about my VNA project on the rfporn wiki and the V1 information on the electrolab wiki I'll try to keep posting here instead of twitter from now on.

Hello gang! Great to be on I’m a long time radio enthusiast, licensed since 1982. Involved in many aspects of our essential avocation, from home brew to satellites, CW, Voice & Digi. Glad to help newbies to the hobby and share what experience I may have with the community. 73!

Happy to all my follow instance admins, moderators, and everyone else who keeps the fediverse running!


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