I was first licensed back in the 90s, but got busy with life and let my license lapse. A few years ago, I got interested again (seems common), so I got my license again and upgraded to general.

I bought my first HF rig this month, but it sits in a box until I get a chance to build an antenna. I'm planning on building a fan dipole for the attic.

Also interested in digital radio and all things Linux. I run nothing but Linux now for computers and phone. \m/

My PinePhone was just delivered last Friday. I haven't really had a chance to play with it yet, but that's my first Linux phone. I'm hoping to make the switch permanent, but I don't know how well it would work with my provider (Google Fi). What phone and Linux combo are you running?

@KN4BKO I'm running a Nexus 5 with Ubuntu Touch. I was hesitant to try it, thinking it'd be unstable. Apart from some clunky UI, it seems very solid on this device. It's my daily driver. I have most of my must-haves: syncing of contacts/calendars to my nextcloud server, telegram etc. But it doesn't purport to be a full replacement for iOS: text editing window isn't as slick, camera is mediocre, issues playing some video formats, etc.

I made the jump for privacy, and I think I'm much safer now.

@w9nap i use linux with windows 10 in a vbox for radio programs. Cps, wsjtx, loggers, etc. I only boot it up when i need it

@n0btc I have a Win10 vm on my Mint laptop, but I was hoping to delete it soon. It's entirely too big. I've mostly cut ties with all the big guys (Apple, MS, Google, FaceBook, etc), and I'm hoping radio isn't the part of my life that pulls me back. :)

A warm welcome here w9nap! Back to your old love, the hamradio. Very recognizable for many operators...

73 from the Netherlands.

Nice to have you with us! New here? Start with following some tags and people! Go check out public stream on your server to find some. Keep adding more people and tags, you can always unfollow something you don't want later.

Also do share your own stuff - write posts, upload images and add relevant tags so similar-minded people can easily find it. Consider filling out your profile as well, no personal data required. Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask, we are here to help.

Have fun on the network! :)
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