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Thinking about improving the software-defined radio setup that I have. From the looks of things, getting a Youloop antenna + Airspy HF+ Discovery SDR could be a big step up from my current RTL-SDR tuner stick.

OpenWebRX is able to decode APRS packets. Listening here in Ann Arbor, MI. (Frequency of the receiver is a little bit off.)

pirate radio, first SSTV decode 

The decode is from a transmission of "Wolverine Radio", a pirate station on 4055 KHz monitored from the N4TVC KiwiSDR in Burke, VA.

I used the "RX-SSTV" software to do the actual decoding. The sound of the signal is very much like what a fax machine sounds like, with a rhythmic beat as the scan lines go across.

Just arrived:

World Radio and TV Handbook 2021. This reference tome lists all the world's broadcasters (plus or minus a few very low power stations).

This copy updates my 1983 version (!)

Combined with the world network of KiwiSDR and WebSDR installations this makes for many hours of DX listening fun.

I have a little ADS-B receiver, and for the life of me I'm not sure why its reception has gotten noticeably worse over the past few weeks.

I've re-imaged the operating system and swapped out a Pi 2 for a Pi 3, and still I get hardly any planes spotted where I had previously gotten more.

It's hard to debug mostly because the time of day I like to work on it is at night, when there is a lot less traffic. The easiest way to test it is just to move the receiver around the room and wait a minute.

Hotspot back on the air after setting a password.

It's not the big things that break, it's the little things.

Working on my portable operations. I took a ladder line antenna that I had in the attic, rolled it up, put it in a ziploc and put the ziploc in my bookbag. This a.m. for the 800a net on a local repeater I did my usual walk, and went to a local park where I put the antenna in a tree. Much better reception with that! Gotta try that again next week.

Any suggestions for getting started with Gemini? I'm looking forward to building something that's not the Web, but also that's more modern than Gopher, and Gemini sounds like it might be one of the possible answers.

report of transatlantic from WJR Detroit 760 AM 50kw to Morocco

read the birbsite thread for more details, I don't know if K7al_L3afta is on any Mastodon.

Looking for SDR hardware suggestions, now that I have up and running on a dedicated Pi.

Hoping to be able to have wide enough bandwidth to see all of 2 meters, 144 to 148 Mhz. My RTL-SDR tuner sticks really only cover half that spectrum.

Happy to report that ARROW's DMR repeater is back on the air in Ann Arbor, MI. Having a discussion now about what time to hold a net that might maximize DX contacts, including especially DMR DX to the UK. 200p Eastern time was bandied about, what say you @M0YNG @M0XPX ?

CQ Feditalk
CQ Feditalk
CQ Feditalk
This is Whiskey Eight Echo Mike Victor
Ann Arbor

Up and running!

Next step is to hook up a Bluetooth speaker for audio. Reception confirmed with GQRX, the RTL-SDR is hooked into ladder line 2 meter antenna in the window.

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Anyone else here running ? I'm burning a new image for one of my Pi 4's. There's plans for a newer Ubuntu 20.10 based support, and to boot on the Jetson Nano, so this is mostly to get a taste of things.

Morning! 800a Eastern net on the N8DUY repeater had a bunch of discussion of old computers.

That repeater has wide area coverage to all of Washtenaw County and at least all of the surrounding counties. I was pedestrian mobile and one fellow was in his car commuting to work in Flint from Ann Arbor.

Looking forward to the morning net with a new group (to me) of OMs. I am pretty sure I am the youngest of the bunch.

Net on repeater 145.15- at 800a Eastern. 6 of us on, about 40 minutes. Very friendly bunch and all people I haven't talked to before. AA8VS Chuck ran the net this a.m. I think this is a daily net.

I'm pretty sure I'm the youngest of the bunch, and that everyone there is retired.

When I key up my Radioddity GD-77 radio on 70 cm analog, my Verilux "happy light" turns on brightly. That was a surprise! Unplugged it and the problem goes away.

On a local "Saturday Morning Clinic" on Zoom with some folks from the ARROW club here in Ann Arbor.

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