Looking forward to the 8:00 a.m. net this morning on N8DUY 145.15 Ann Arbor MI, which I plan to operate bicycle mobile.

Sunrise today 7:08 a.m., sunset 7:56 p.m. The days are getting visibly shorter, but I still have 1 hr 52 minutes between sunrise and the start of my day at work.

Still noodling about how to get a good antenna on a bicycle for 2 meter operations. Considering a mag mount to a back rack, or a dipole of some sort inside a pool noodle affixed crosswise.

73 de W8EMV/BM !

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@w8emv do you have a pannier rack? Maybe something that clamps onto that?


I do have a pannier rack; haven't touched a magnet to it yet, but I think it's all aluminum. I also have a suitably sized piece of steel plate that would fit in my panniers which I could haul outside and test.

Next step only is to locate a 2m/70cm mag mount from someone's go bag car kit and see if I can repurpose as bicycle kit.

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