I think the next item in my shack is going to be an antenna analyzer. I've heard only good things about the NanoVNA.

It's entirely likely that I burnt out my oldest Baofeng by transmitting on 440 into a 2 meter only antenna, which in retrospect was entirely preventable. Live and learn, that radio had good service.

I'll take any recommendations for mag mount style 2m/70cm antennas, either for temporary installation in a car, or for me to find a cookie sheet as a ground plane.

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@w8emv NanoVNA is great. If you're only interested in HF, though, then RigExpert's AA-30.ZERO is also a pretty nice (and affordable) option - it's basically an Arduino shield. You can use Arduino as an UART pass-through, but it should be possible to make a self-container analyzer out of it with an LCD display connected to the Arduino - no idea if there are readily available projects that do that.

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