In the report the link leads to, Kentucky ranks 41st out of 50 overall, 44th in Healthcare, 48th in Fiscal Stability, 40th in Economy.

Seems like elected officials from Kentucky have some serious work to do. Maybe that's where their focus should be. Kindda seems that the dog whistle stuff might be designed to be a distraction from what a crap job they've done for the citizens of Kentucky for years.

Hello All! Don Hawkins - W7DAH (Vanity Call).

Glad to be on mastodon.radio, thanks!
Originally issued KD7NOI July 3, 2001. Technician.
EchoLink Node: 11091. Grid Square CN85pk. QTH Elevation ~616ft. Portland, Oregon, USA.
Have not been very active until recently; my interest in the hobby rekindled since discovering that there are 2 Ham license holders at the small business where I work part-time (beyond retirement age here). I am studying to finally upgrade.


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