The quest has begun. The search for Alaska 40m FT8, for another WAS.

6160 KHz WBCQ is coming in nice and loud this evening in NH.

Just worked HI from NH on 80m FT8. Only need a few more states for a 80m Digital WAS.

Been playing with my new KiwiSDR. Not online to the public yet. Works pretty well except for when I am transmitting on HF (which makes sense). Would like to get a better antenna for it too.

Finally had a chance to use my Hakko desoldering gun I bought a couple months ago. Quick and easy and worked like a champ.

Enjoying some great Old Time Radio broadcasts on my shortwave radio. WBCQ 6.160 MHz. Nice and strong, great old entertainment. Theater of the mind...

Finally got a stream deck yesterday, and connected it up to my Flex6400, using FRStacks3. After a quick email to author, I am easily making many custom buttons now. Very handy device.


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