It's kind of fun thinking of "bootstrapping" a trusted compiler from some old sources. Like some sort of master handing down their tools to the apprentice.

"Now, I bestow upon you my most trusted C compiler...artisanally compiled from ancient scrolls using only an 8088 chip"

The oldest thing I have is also the first C compiler I ever used, the ECO-C88 on 5.25" floppy.

p.s. Also I just looked up that Ken Thompson paper, and it credits "[4] Unknown Air Force Document" for the idea (!!)

"Fun" in the sense that I'd probably rather try to build a really old GCC than determine why "some unit test" is overwriting a global in #Python's tempdir so that it's unicode not "str" and then everything is sad. Because there's still Python2 code.


@meejah Have you looked at @janneke's work?

(This is being integrated into GNU Guix)

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@vu3rdd Hmm, I think maybe I have (or something like it). Great stuff! I didn't know Guix was using it, cool.

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