Hello mastodon.radio!

What are you all up to this weekend?
Anyone planning to get on their air?
Anyone with the soldering iron out?


@M0YNG I got my old frequency synthesizer from my parents' place. Hasn't been switched on for the past 10 years. I am going to find a probe and see if it is generating a signal.

I also plan to sort 4.915mhz crystals (I got 100 of them) as one of the many steps towards building a crystal filter for the Norcal 40a qrp rig.

@M0YNG Project updates:

Frequency synthesizer works great. Quite happy with it.

On the process of sorting the 4.915 mhz crystals. I am more or less done. Some crystals are drifting pretty fast after turning on -- the least significant digit on the counter (1 hz resolution counter) is slowly going up. A couple of crystals didn't oscillate at all. Other than that, things are looking good.

Pretty productive sunday afternoon.

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