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I am no longer on and I will try my best to keep away from some of the people on that server who have taken upon themselves the mantle of upholding the principles of Free Software! I am also observing that mastodon is not so different from twitter when it comes to sane discourse. That is expected - people can't be different when they type on a different browser tab.

I will be mostly tooting my (mis)adventures with amateur radio here and not much about anything else.

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Thank you @M0YNG.

Hello everyone - I am Ramakrishnan. My callsign is VU3RDD and I live in Bangalore, India. I am interested in homebrew electronics and I mostly operate HF/CW at the moment. I have inverted V antenna for 40 and 20m bands.

I do computer programming for a living and work on low level software, cryptography and network protocols..

I have another account but i thought of separating the radio/electronics toots into a separate account.

Matrix vs. XMPP: Which is Better for Actually Secure Messaging? (Unlike Telegram, Whatsapp, etc.)

Fitness plan for programmers:

every time a build or unit test fails, you have to do 10 push-ups.

You'll become either incredibly good at programming or insanely fit. Maybe both with a bit of perseverance 😅

Made my own very simple archiving system on top of pandoc and readability, as an offiline, CLI alternative to products like Mozilla's Pocket. And with a different ethos: of building a personal library.

It's a very simple script wrapping around readability. Removes all ads, header, nav, footer, etc and saves a clean HTML article (with your choice or default CSS), as well as an epub file and markdown file.

Many online RFI pages talk about using a shortwave radio in AM mode. For this particular source, I found SSB to be a nicer way because I get a steady audible tone when I go near the source and the pitch changes as I change the frequency, confirming that there was a birdie in the passband.

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Last night, I walked around the neighbourhood with a borrowed shortwave radio. I found the other interfering source (picture of the RFI attached, it is all over the lower bands as well). Unfortunately, it is from the next door neighbour. Most likely from his 4kVA power inverter. 😠

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One more RFI source was sitting right on my desk, next to my radio - the Netgear switch power supply. The next big one is outside my house and is going to be hard to find and fix.

I'm on the trip right now and rarely have a stable connection. Quite happy that it's easy to work offline on Guix and rde projects.

The documentation is available in info format and easily accessible from emacs. I can do review, prepare replies to reviews/other messages and look up discussions with my mail client.

I do all the neccessary stuff completely offline and send the results, when I have a network.

#git #email #emacs #notmuch #msmtp #guix #rde

I think I am going to be spending most of my amateur radio time for the next few months improving my receive performance, which means better antennas and lesser noise. I am thinking of building a 20m moxon, GM3SEK style common mode chokes, VK5TM noise canceller... Parts are on my way.

Christian Horn @globalc showed yesterday's Tokyo Linux Users Group (TLUG) meeting that there are sensors available in the recent Intel/AMD families to gather surprisingly detailed power consumption details as your machines work.

He's done a couple of blog posts so that you can follow along at home:

"That reddit-killing distributed self-hosted tool you’re building probably won’t kill reddit, sorry. [...] Make something personal for a dozen people, because that’s the one thing those massive vendors will never do and never even understand that they could do."

- Graham: "My proposal for scaling open source: don’t"

Successfully repaired a broken torch today. Had to unsolder the LED board, get the buttons assembly in the right place with a bit of dexterity as the holes were inaccessible and resolder the boards, that is all it took.

However these small things give me a lot more joy than anything else.

In the midst of all the personal troubles I am in, I managed to find the source for one among many of the RFI sources troubling my radio active life.

As someone in my discord server said - “the best way to make politicians anti-facial recognition might be to use it on them”.

I just finished reading

And if thought blocking advertising was important because the big companies were hacking our minds. I didn't truly understand how hard they were trying to manipulate our tastes to maximize profit.

I was left with the feeling that you should never ever trust a company, especially an American company. They will absolutely risk your life if it increases their sales.

I love this idea! It's like a domestic makerspace, cultivating an everyday DIY culture.

Someone recently asked me whether I am sending morse via a keyboard. That is the best compliment I have ever got on my CW sending skills!

My bazqux subscription (web based feed reader) expired a couple of weeks ago. I decided not to renew and setup a native application. So, here I am, reading feeds on emacs with elfeed. I like it a lot so far.

Contributing to free software requires privilege. Even regular contributors might sometimes find themselves without it.

Time, focus and money. You might find yourself lacking in one of these at various points in your life.

While software projects from startups move like streams, most free software projects move like glaciers. They move slowly but they keep moving for decades.

Being away from a project doesn't mean you have to give it up. You can join back later.

#FreeSoftware #Privilege

#plot is an automated data plotter for the #terminal.

plot takes in data and plots it using line characters. plot automatically scales the graph, allowing for sudden, unexpected changes to be seen clearly and immediately. plot can display many sources of live data using pipelines. plot can also display the data using a different character set than the default ASCII or Unicode.

Website 🔗️:

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #sysadmin

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