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I am no longer on and I will try my best to keep away from some of the people on that server who have taken upon themselves the mantle of upholding the principles of Free Software! I am also observing that mastodon is not so different from twitter when it comes to sane discourse. That is expected - people can't be different when they type on a different browser tab.

I will be mostly tooting my (mis)adventures with amateur radio here and not much about anything else.

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Thank you @M0YNG.

Hello everyone - I am Ramakrishnan. My callsign is VU3RDD and I live in Bangalore, India. I am interested in homebrew electronics and I mostly operate HF/CW at the moment. I have inverted V antenna for 40 and 20m bands.

I do computer programming for a living and work on low level software, cryptography and network protocols..

I have another account but i thought of separating the radio/electronics toots into a separate account.

Good bye, home brewing my fellow countrymen!

"The government has made import registration compulsory for a range of electronic integrated circuits under chip imports monitoring system (CHIMS) from August 1."


I gave a talk today, hurrah! It's a short overview on why and how for graph reduction hardware. Check it out!

I did a quick test of the G90 from the shack, and I am impressed. The operation is quite intuitive, and I am discovering the power of SDR: it's really great for listening to a band and easily finding a station that's transmitting.
There is also an automatic CW decoder that seems efficient, I've managed to decode several emissions.
For the moment, I'm happy with this purchase.
I have to try it in field

Yesterday, for the first time I heard a South Korean SSB station on 20m - HL4CAF - (and he was incidentally talking to a VU station, so band between the two places must have been open). I am surprised I heard him because my 20m antenna is not in a good shape and keep reminding myself that I should rather invest in good antenna than in radios.

We know that waking kids up early hurts their learning outcomes, but we accept that tradeoff because the alternative (kids whose parents can't earn a living) is worse.

Virtual schools represented an opportunity to shift education to more humane hours, but we blew it. And that's the least of our failures, barely registering in comparison with the way that we failed to fix ed-tech even as it grew to eclipse all other pedagogical questions.


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While Phil Harman VK6PH's project is about digitizing the entire HF and get that into the CPU and do a million point FFT in GPU etc, this is in the low-cost spectrum. I don't really know what the main advantage for an operator is, with the sBITX. Frequency domain processing is probably lighter for certain things like filtering. Even filtering needs careful experimentation as the final time domain signal should not have ringing and other effects from throwing samples away or attenuating them..

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For software, it used frequency domain based processing. So, it takes an FFT of the particular band first and possibly takes say, a 48000 point FFT to get a 1-hertz tuning resolution. It does filtering, tuning etc all in frequency domain, as described in some of the DSP text books and also in Phil Harman's DFC talk found on youtube.

Rest of the interesting bits like noise filtering, notch filtering etc have all been left out. The i2c bitbanging code is probably to control si5351a etc..

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Just saw the FDIM virtual talks announcement. The designer of BITX, Ashar Farhan VU2ESE has come out with an SDR. Curious to see what it is, I searched for "sBITX" and found this repo:

From a bit of digging, I think this is what it does:

It is most likely a Tayloe detector based radio that plugs into a Raspberry Pi with an Si5351a based VFO 4x clock that Tayloe detector/modulator needs. It probably also has a PA and a sound card.

Signal created targeted ads for Instagram that show the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to.

They were blocked.

Was tripped by this silliness of Go today -

Can't they fix this in the tool?

I am enjoying writing some Go these days. Despite being marketed as a "simple" language, it is not that simple. But I am already writing some programs with it with a few days of dabbling.. and it gets the job done! It does not stimulate my brain, but rather gets out of the way between me and the problem at hand.

If anyone is interested to learn Go, highly recommend Donovan and Kernighan book.

FOSS software perspective 

When foss projects get criticized for being incomplete, not good enough or whatever other thing. One thing to keep in mind is that the alternative was to keep it on their own hard drive and you never would have known it existed or been able to use it as a starting point to make something better.

Anyone has recommendations on an introductory electricity/magnetism book for high school students?

This article is very nice but there is an error in it. But that aside, really really nice! I am motivated to try wspr as soon as I get back home.

(Spoiler alert, someone wrote about that error in the comments, so don't look at it)

some interesting takeaways:

you can still navigate by the sun. Points to the south midday. Most cities have grids that correspond to east/west north/south.

You remember *way* more landmarks if your face is not constantly shoved into your phone screen. Your back will thank you, and so will passerby you don't bump into .

Good music is worth downloading in flac anyway. Forget Spotify.

Maps are available on signs, or PDFs you can download. No, you don't actually need turn-by-turn navigation.

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Going more private has a lot of old school attitude.

Don't use credit cards, use cash (of course no Apple Pay etc.). Don't use google maps, learn where you need to go and figure it out like you did a decade ago. Don't listen to streaming music, listen to music you downloaded.

What would you do if there was no big tech companies to hold your hand? Will you be lost?

#privacy #google #apple

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