My new set up, unfortunately I was going to have a third display on the desk to monitor the Allstar dashboard on the VK Repeater Linked System but the NUC computer power supply died so next fortnight.

Thanks to numerous Radio Operators over the weekend forcing a large retail store to remove Baofeng UV-5R radios from sale for $300 and several other similar radios. Thanks also go the Australian Media and Communications Authority (equivilent to the FCC) for deciding NOT to follow this matter up. This will mean a large shipment of these radios are in Australia and will get dumped elsewhere, more than likely numerous outlets making them impossible to track.

Here in Australia Reapeaters all have a 3 letter suffix starting with R. So for example the Ballarat Repeater is VK3RBA. The number usually inicates which the repeater is in also, so 3 would be Victoria.

A new edition to the VK Repeater Linked System today with VK3WR coming online with a simplex node on the Mornington Peninsula, Rosebud area, South East of Melbourne. 439.150 MHz 91.5 Hz

Taking part in the weekly Round Table Net on the VK Repeater Linked System

In Australia the AX Prefix is reserved for 3 special days each year, however with the Queens passing it has been unofficially accepted that 19-23 of September that the AX Prefix may be used. For example instead of myself using VK3XEM, I would be able to use AX3XEM if I so desired.

So if you hear any AX stations operating over the next day or so they are good to work.

I spent the evening using in an informal net with about 6 hams. I also looked around online for a good 4G data SIM plan to use for back up if my goes down.
Found a deal for $AU15 for 7GB with unlimited data banking, the idea being the data will build up over time if I don't use it so it does not go to waste and I will hopefully have a decent amount available when needed.

Here in Australia we have very competitive prices for and cell phone services, so I regularly review the options and today I changed my internet provider keeping the same speed and saving $AU20 per month.

I have returned my node 513020 back to normal service since the deliberate QRM has ceased, connected to the VK Repeater Linked System.
Node 513021 has reverted to my personal node that hams can call me on when I am available.

Last night I had an internet outage, taking out my two nodes during a net. Not to be beaten I fired up beta on my 4G smartphone, with my third Allstar node number I was able to continue taking part in the net. It is good to have redundant systems available.

One of the the sad responsibilities of that most of us will encounter during our lives is taking care of a deceased estate. I have been doing this for the last few days for good friend who went SK recently and was asked by his son to take care of the radios. A sad time but an honour to assist his son.

After having techical issues with on a paid account and realising there is no support service in place I have changed email providers. I am in the process of migrating a life time of emails from Google to Excellent and responive 24 hour service and cheaper than Google!

Here is a picture of the Australian Army FRED (Field Ration Eating Device) next to the US Army's can opener. The FRED is much better IMHO as it s also a bottle opener and spoon if required. The FRED is issued in every in 24 hour 1 man ration pack. I have sveral that I use almost daily as a can opener at home, never had one fail and I know of some FREDs to be over 30 years old.

I was talking to a friend earlier and I mentioned the MAGIC of how it brings us all together as equals. For example he is an International excutive and I am a retired Security Officer on a Pension. What other hobby would bring such diverse people together? Like I said the arguments were flying both ways but rather than desculate the confrantation like a licensed Security Guard / Bodyguard is legally required to he deliberately engaged in excessive force.

The other item that arrived today was a sun visor card for quick reference on controlling my from South Eastern Communications here in Australia

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