I stuck my Yaesu FTM-400 in a Pelican (ish) case so I can carry it around more easily. I’m pleased with how it turned out. It *just* fits.

So today I chatted with a buddy for the first time over Wires-X (different cities). I’m not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, it was cool that it worked. On the other, it seems like we’ve both bought fairly expensive specialized radio equipment, to talk to a very specialized repeater, which talks to (and requires) the Internet to work. Seems like Signal or WhatsApp would be fewer moving parts and much less latency. I’m not sure why I would do this?

Messing with the wiring for my FTM-400 so I can easily move it between car & home. I guess this works...

Usually I'm that crypto and privacy focused guy. I often use a de-Googled phone. I encrypt everything. I only use encrypted messengers. I use TOR. Not because I'm interesting (I'm not), but because I think it's cool tech, and a value my privacy.

So HAM radio is a bit of a weird place for me. My call sign is tied to my address. Nothing I say/do is encrypted (by legal requirement). I'm messing around with APRS beaconing and broadcasting where I am for all the world to see.

The fact that I can send/receive SMS messages using APRS in an area without cellular coverage is just so cool and, I have no doubt, some day very handy.


- Hey everyone.

My interests are still TBD. I decided to get my license on a whim. I knew nothing about it. In the process of studying / reading about this, my mind has been completely blown. How did I never hear of this whole network of repeaters before?! Or APRS and this radio based messaging thing?! So many cool things out here to learn!

I'm mostly in VHF/UHF space for now. I can see my future interests branching into and HF.

Day job is tech/software devel.


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