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First time running in tonight! Talk about some adrenaline....

Had a great time though and didn't make too many mistakes (copying or procedural)

New DIY 30 foot crappie pole temporary mount with cord and tent pegs. Quick up but requires soil. Wind testing over night now with a 40m inv V hanging from it.

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Hi, I'm Nick, W0NY. I go out and play radio in the park sometimes, but you'll often find me on FT8 or hunting parks on SSB.

I just finished building an tuning my new antenna, a linked dipole for 17, 20 and 40 meters. It will be a good upgrade from my monoband dipole I usually use! Working on getting my new setup as well!

Hope to meet you on the air!


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users, how do you manage SOTA/POTA entries in cloudlog? Have you a separated /P station profile? Or do you log in your unique station profile?
Having a /P profile breaks sync with qrz.com, eqsl, lotw...
Tnx for your feedbacks

Pota success today, despite equipment issues, still managed 11 cw qsos on 20m, Including one to spain!

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Had a great activation of Memorial Lake State Park, K-1384, today. Ended with a mix of 182 SSB and FT8 QSOs. Lots of activators and hunters on the air for the plaque weekend.

So if some poor sap activator is qrs, and struggling to pull a call out of the pileup, please slow ALL the way down to their speed, and maybe skip the first round or two. Especially if they ask QRS. Being out of the shack and distracted can make it difficult to get into the groove for newbies. Signed -failed and flustered activator.

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The panadapter was the first killer app on SDRs; the next one would be IF level DVR so that when you see a signal and tune to it, you could 'rewind' a few seconds and actually hear what you missed.

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Posted the initial commit of AuGratin to github. AuGratin pulls latest POTA spots. Lets you filter these by band and or mode. When a spot is clicked on the chaser and park info is pulled. Update the RST report and logging to an adif file just one click away.

See the README file for details at github.com/mbridak/augratin

I decided to buck the trend. 3 feet is enough to reach a battery on the ground or the ps on the desk while minimising wiring mess.

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@ve3mal Stub? They sell little E shaped pieces of sheet metal to panel mount the powerpole right to the back of the case

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I leave it long and swap the connector to xt30/xt60

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Do you adulturate your rig's power cable?

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