"US companies are going to keep hiring foreign tech workers, even as the Trump administration makes doing so more difficult. For a number of US companies that means expanding their operations in Canada, where hiring foreign nationals is much easier."


from the makers of young sheldon comes old sheldon.... older than time... . older than god... he was here long before we existed..... and he will be here long after we're gone... nobody remembers a time before sheldon...

The “boot” (TELUS HQ) in the distance, home of the VE7TEL repeater and the BNBY99 Digi/Igate. 📡‬

‪Good thing the “reusable coffee cup” was invented in Melbourne in 2008. Not sure what we were doing before that. ☕️🤔‬

‪I’m definitely digging the return of light in the evening! 😎‬

‪The maniacs did it - they made a Lamborghini SUV! 🇮🇹🤑💩‬

‪Taking in sunset and the International D-Star Net on the Vancouver waterfront! 😎‬

Oh no! How did I miss that Billy Idol was coming to Vancouver? 🤩

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