Little upgrade the base station. But i dont have space 😅

which is better to buy?

ok my friend's i go to my own instance of hubzilla (witch mastodon connect). If somebody wana connect with me adres is

Is a good solution to introduce to a club/association as a complement to the forum? Do you know any other better open source solutions?

Quick question. How do you work with the authorities of your national ham radio associations? Do you have any problems? Is the communication between you and the association good? Do you have support from regional authorities?

Meybe you make, and ? hehe
I can pay for something like that ;)

I'm sitting with a beer and I think that I have to finally put aside some Polish zloty and buy a VPS. Why? Mastodon, Nextcloud, E-mail and www and maybe some other services. Because everywhere is good but at home is the best ;)
And seriously: I am looking for a sponsor ;) buahaha

what operating system you use?

And so it happened. I bought mmdvm VR2VYE modem. So i can start testing c4fm on my FT2D :D

Do any of you operate in hamnet ? What equipment and antennas do you recommend ?

Somethings aboum me:

I have been an amateur radio operator for 2 years. I work in DASR (Lower Silesian Amateur Rescue Network)

Software i use:
Fedora Linux 33

Yaesu FT-DX3000D
Yaesu FT-8800
Yaesu FT-2D

on the roof only multidipole, FD3 and Diamond X300

I don't have many time but i do what i can :)

This is my second account on mastodon, first is .
And one i hubzilla:


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