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Short intro!

I'm trying to get back into ham radio. I've had license since 1999, but just now building my first HF setup. I have a lot to learn.

I'm currently interested about learning HF and digimodes (FT-8, JS8Call, VARA). Just a bit over 10 QSOs on logbook now. I also hope going outdoors portable to do WWFF activations when it's not freezing cold in northern Finland.

Currently I have second hand FT-891 and temporary random wire antenna to get on air. 73

My after action report from our overnight expedition to island of Hailuoto, EU-184 and OHFF-0970.

I ran into issues and had to operate on completely different way than planned.

What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Activation on EU-184 and OHFF-0970 in island of Hailuoto.

Small problems so had to try the Lab599 radio on with 10W to antenna.

We also had bit of wind during the night. Soon its imebto start packing and head home. Awesome trip so far.

I'm packing for overnight ham radio . Tomorrow we'll land on EU-184 and hopefully OHFF-0970.

I hope at least 24 hours on site. WX forecast shows wet snow, 17 m/s gusts of wind and below freezing temperatures ❄️ ☃️

If we get there I'll be on air using callsign OH8HUB/P or OF8HUB/P.

Modes are and , maybe . If laptop runs out of battery and I'll go old school with voice and paper log. I might also check my Winlink email (address to use is OH8HUB).

Three years ago today I registered the domain

To celebrate our birthday I am super excited to reveal our new mascot @alex!

@Atsuko has done an amazing job at bringing them to life and we have a server banner too!

More birthday surprises to come...

PS: I don't need any money to keep our instance running or pay for this great art, but if you want to help I'll be able to buy that raspberry pi 4...

This is my current 70cm LoRa antenna.

It's dipole made out from 1mm2 copper wire taped to plastic tube and I have piece of coax soldered to it.

And the plastic tube is hanging with a string from the coax to my EFHW. The dipole is just about one meter above ground level just outside my garage door.

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The antenna of my TinyGS ground station is really poor and it still manages to catch LoRa packets from satellites. Mostly from Norby, but also some from FEES.

Tip: when making up a charging cable for your cheap Chinese radio that didn't come with a plug for your country - don't guess at the polarity of the connector or assume it will have reverse polarity protection.

Today I finally got my TinyGS satellite ground station connected to Internet. However, my antenna is probably really really bad. That should be improved next.

But TinyGS is neat little project utilizing cheap ESP based LoRa boards for TRX for LoRa based experimental satellites.

I have just reached 100 QSLs in Logbook of the World!

First QSL is from 2021-03-28 so just shy of two months.

If I read the table correctly, I've worked 48 unique DXCC entities.

WSJT-X 2.4.0 GA is out.

This adds Q65 (a new mode) and some decoder enhancements (as well as a few other things mentioned in the notes).

Release notes at:

Announcement at:

and since I've not looked at it for a while, user guide at:

:radio_base: :radio_tower:

This screenshot shows decode attempts (those "H" shaped bars) on empty band (40m).

26 points for me in YOTA contest.

I have apparently terrible amounts of RF interference so SSB phone QSOs are really difficult.

However during the two hours I participated I managed two contacts, 14 year old from Russia and OT from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Next round is 17.7. and now I have a score to beat there.

YOTA Contest 2021

First round coming this Saturday, 22nd of May, between 0800 – 1959 UTC. SSB and CW.

Objective: Increasing youngsters activity on the air, strengthening the reputation of the YOTA program and demonstration of support for youngsters across the world.

WWFF JS8Call Island Activation | Hailuoto Kirkkosalmi OHFF-0970

On 8 May 2021, OH8STN and myself will be activating WWFF “OHFF-0970 Kirkkosalmi”. Which has never been activated. It’s also an IOTA island. Primary mode for the activation is JS8Call.

See OH8STN blog post for details:

Today I installed my new antenna as inverted-V'ish configuration and started tuning it.

After cutting some decimeters of wire it has SWR below 2:1 on 80m, 40m and 20m. 15m is bit above 2:1, but not bad either.

I think my compensation coil might have one turn too many, but oh well.

The final result can be seen in above screenshot. Used NanoVNA for measurements.

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