Well, since I have a multimode hotspot, I decided D-STAR was not enough so I bought a low end DMR radio. DMR is almost as daunting as D-STAR, maybe even more, but I think I have the basics figured out. AT least I have been able to make a contact in a talkgoup. Now looking at how to find repeaters I can connect to.

I will be attending the Winterfest in Collinsville, IL tomorrow. Be good to see some faces I seldom see but talk to on the radio. It is always enjoyable to browse through the parts and equipment.

Finally got my DSTAR radio and hotspot working, ID51A arrived and had a few nice chats. It has been a while since I played with DSTAR, I needed the refresher.

Only antenna I have was laying mostly on the ground today but I did squeak out a handful of QSO's during the NAQP CW contest this evening.

It has been a long time since I monkeyed with D-STAR. Now I have a D-STAR hotspot running I need to brush up on what littler I used to know.

Another change for today's Illinois QSO Party operation, I am back to operating the club station ad W9OAB. W9AWE will be used by N9JF mobiling around western Illinois.

It appears there will be a change in plans for Sunday. Instead of operating the ILQP from the club station as W9OAB I will be using W9AWE from home.

I'll be operating W9OAB during the Illinois QSO Party this coming Sunday.

Constantly surprised by the number of ham radio operators that feel they need to modify their radios to transmit on frequency they are not licensed for.

The only reason I can see to modify a radio to transmit someplace you don't have a license for is to operate illegally.

Working on how to get the largest number of VHF/UHF/SHF antennas on a single mast with minimum pattern interaction. A dish with a multiband feed is starting to look pretty good.

Had a good time at the Peoria Superfest yesterday, sold a few things, bought a couple of things and lots of hams to talk with. Overall all a really good day.

Heading to the Peoria Superfest in the morning, hope to sell a few items and find a few items.

Made a road trip yesterday, brought home a load of CDE type rotor parts. Now looking to buy broken or well used rotors.

This is what will eventually happen if you don't use the proper mast.

I picked up a cheap server supply, 12 VDC at 69 amps. So far only issue is getting more than 13.3 volts out before OVP takes over.

Anyone within 200 miles of EN40la have 222 capabilities? I need to find someone to get on to check out a transverter.

If any of the Midwest hams are interested in contesting, you might look into the Society of Midwest Contesters. A great bunch of top notch contesters that love to share their knowledge.

Bought one of those cheap Chinese 100 watt VHF amp kits on eBay to use on 222. All I have left to do is mount the board to a heat sink, solder in the FET and test. Looking forward to seeing how it does.

Got preamps working on 2 and 432 again, now if I could get my antennas above the trees...


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