Working on a super cool storage box using an old Los Alamos Erosion Gage kit ! PS: if you have things coming from NARF Alameda or Los Alamos I love them so Ping me :)

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@M0YNG Hi Christopher et all
I'm just an average "non technician" ham, building stuff for fun and profit. Except some intrument and measurent gears, 100 % of my radio station is home brewed, mostly with : Hermes Lite V1, V2, red pitaya based rig... next projects are an Odyssey V2 and an Angelia board, built from component level.

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[VNA Project] You can find information about my VNA project on the rfporn wiki and the V1 information on the electrolab wiki I'll try to keep posting here instead of twitter from now on.

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Hey everyone, this is my first "toot", still discovering how mastodon works :) I'm a 40 yo french guy, my interests: programming, reverse engineering, "drones", electronics, software defined radio ...

Hello, I'm not licensed at all, only an electronic designer, and I love especially RF and high speed digital (FPGA design). I have few opensource projects going on like a baseband to refit old VNA test set, see: (yes I'm an electrolab member) and project like LNA for 8.4GHz.I'm also on twitter and IRC :)

Is it good ? :)


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