Success on a project I'd been playing with a while. I got my SK going into a USB to Serial Converter to the Mac to Parallels to PCW Fistcheck tonight.

The timing seems good, but there's a latency that keeps from being able to have the volume on the computer up. Connecting the SK in parallel to the rig and using its sidetone addresses that.

The trick is using the right USB/Serial converter. One with an FTDI chip worked great. The one with a CP2102 produced very inconsistent timing.

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Hams: macOS and Alfred App user? I wrote a custom workflow that will dynamically look up your WSJT-X profiles and let you launch it with the --rig-profile. When I figure out how to export, I'll put it on Github.

First time running in tonight! Talk about some adrenaline....

Had a great time though and didn't make too many mistakes (copying or procedural)

The is maybe 2 S-units quieter than my EFHW on 40. Definitely needs a preamp. Will be interesting to use it in tomorrow evening

For those interested, it’s this design:

Graphs from the didn’t look quite right and sure enough — I had missed a turn on one of the toroids.

Irritating, but the satisfaction of using the desoldering gun almost made up for it.

I assume you hook up a key to enter commands?

The Content Warning button in the Metatext iOS Mastodon client gets me every time.

“Oooh a special CW mode on!” —my brain

Can someone suggest a “buy once cry once” crimper set and source for PL-259 connectors?

Finished the antenna with satisfying results! I haven’t even tried modifying the hairpin or wire lengths yet and am getting out pretty well

Installing wire guides by riveting nylon cable clamps onto the PVC

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The third thing I’m considering is a Pi Pico, which seems similar to the feather. If I did the Pi Pico I’d use microPython, which would be more portable to Pi Zero if I ended up swapping in the future

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Found a brewery with decent German-inspired food 2mi from the house. Win!

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Today’s oven thermostat replacement fail. The replacement part arrived with a kinked tube/bulb joint and snapped as soon as I applied the tiniest pressure 😡

Sniffing WinKeyer speed changes in preparation for adding a little OLED display

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