@florian while I agree that DNS may be critical infrastructure, I would be concerned about the registration part. The next step is demanding logs be turned over, which if I am running a DNS server at home, that is why I am running my own server is to not have my actions logged. I think this goes beyond just supporting critical infrastructure.

@KC3JXQ Hmmmm sounds to me like we have found the common denominator ;)

Well late welcome back to Ohio at least!

Whelp for those who have not yet seen. Hamvention has been canceled again for 2021

@n0btc @KC3OWU I've used TGIF in the past when it first came out, but everyone i talk to in on Brandmeister so I stay there.

Technically, everyone already has a TG, at least on BM, but i would assume it would work on TGIF too. Any ID can be used as a talkgroup. So your personal Radio ID is a talkgroup. You just program it in as a group call. That's how we do it for a couple of the radio clubs here. We just use the ID assigned to the club as the TG.

Work on the newest version of APRSnotify is progressing. I am working on one of the last big pieces. The new version is going to have some new features with sending to Mastodon and others. Hopefully I will be ready for release soon. In the mean time, if you want to see an example of it working, check out n8acl_aprs@botsin.space or @n8acl_aprs on twitter. The current version is at github.com/n8acl/aprsnotify, but with the new version coming, I would wait to install it.

@KC3OWU technically it’s like the 6th or 7th I believe. C-bridge/ dmr Marc, brandmeister, TGIF, dmrplus, ipsc, qrm and now freedmr.

Happy New Year! At least for me here in the US....

@M0YNG got ya. That makes sense. The 3B can be rough but ok I see what you are saying now.

@M0YNG I have run NextCloud in the past, but never on a PI, and i stopped using Nextcloud once I got VPN setup to get into my network from outside.

However, I am surprised to hear it is not working well for you on a Pi. Everything I see online, everyone goes OH it's GREAT! on a Pi. You need to run this" so I am actually glad to hear that someone is having issues. I find it almost impossible that everyone has no problems and it is the perfect solution.

@M0YNG only 2? ;) that’s a good start ;) so I have my ZumSpot on a pi0 the. I have a pi4 that runs most of my docker stuff and python stuff and then 2 pi3b+ one for my allstar stuff and one for my home pbx that also connects to my allstar system and Hamshack hotline. I have other ideas in the works.

I do like the idea of being able to remotely use your radios with vnc. That’s a great use of the tech ;)

Me: Yeah the movie was cute but it had a lot of plot holes

My wife: you’re a plot hole.

Me as my wife and step son are dying laughing: Um... I’m not sure that’s the correct use of the term but ok.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. And to all a good night. :)

A question for parents about Santa 🎅 

@M0YNG my one aunt and uncle used to have a neighbor come over and put out all the presents while my aunt uncle and cousins were out celebrating Christmas Eve with the rat of the family at my grandmas house. So they would leave and there would be nothing and then they would get home and the living room would be overflowing. It they would have to wait till morning.

A question for parents about Santa 🎅 

@M0YNG we are actually in the process right now of letting Santa into the house. We wait for our little one (he’s 5) to fall asleep so we don’t get caught and then we hit the bed for our long winters nap. So Santa makes his visit after the kids are asleep and before we go to bed.

@jpeg Oh cool. That is something I never thought of. Since I was only running it very few minutes and it was running from home, I figured using an API would make it work, but that is something I can definitely look into for a future version. Thanks for the input!

@jpeg If you go to github.com/n8acl/aprsnotify, you can take a look at the project. I am currently in the process of updating it to version 4 whichiwill include the mastodon integration. I am also trying to fix and update to make the documentation better so the Wiki is in flux right now too :) Enjoy!

HI Kevin! Yes I have been building those kind bridges for a while. At one point I was the admin for a system that had everything but d-star connected to it. It was pretty cool. Sadly that group folded, but I still playing with that stuff. I have been working on a bridge for one of my local clubs in fact. We have a DMR to allstar bridge right now, but will hopefully be adding more as time permits.

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HI All, Jeff, N8ACL here. Been licensed since 2001. By day I am a database developer and by night I am a dad. I am mostly now into digital voice modes like DMR, and VOIP modes like Allstar. I also do a little development on the side for fun. I have a python app I created called APRSNotfiy that posts your APRS packets to Social Media (soon to include Mastodon). Just gotta finish setting up my profile now :)


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