NEW POST: Updated Post: Posting to Twitter/Mastodon with Github Actions

NEW POST: Updating Post: Posting to Twitter-Mastodon with Github Actions

NEW POST: Posting to Twitter-Mastodon with Github Actions - 06212022

Just updated the Hammy Discord Bot to version 3. This bot now supports slash commands. Check out for more information

Nothing like making changes to a script as you are writing the documentation... *type type type type* OH HAYYY this would be cool to do here!.... sigh....

I know it's only been a few days, but I am at it again. Just pushed a new release of APRSNotify to github. This release includes: Support for Slack, Message notifications via Mattermost and Slack, the ability to send to a club server. Check it out!

Been a programming machine here lately. Combined a couple of different things I had lying around into a new project. Welcome Hammy, a Ham Radio Discord bot. This bot will look up US callbook data, APRS Data and DMR/NXDN data. Check it out Ver 1.0 at

It's been a while, but I have just released Version 6.0 of the APRSNotify project. This release adds support for Mattermost and Pushover as well as some minor changes under the hood. Check it out at…

Actual Conversation just held in the Bedroom Office:

My Wife: "The Ham is probably going to be for tomorrow to defrost, but I took out a pork tenderloin for tonight."
Me: "Awww I don't want that..."
Her: "You know it's all pig right?"
Me: "Yes but ham comes from the yummier part of the pig."
Her: *Stares* "You're an Idiot" *Shuts door*

Am I? Am I really? I don't think so...

They may just be listening at work or something. Don't Put them on the spot if they are not able to talk. It's like a local repeater. Some people just want to listen.

Ham Radio Pet Peeve: Just reminder that an Echolink connection list or an Allstar Dashboard is NOT a net rollcall sheet. If someone on those modes wants to check in, they will. They may not be able to come back to you if you call for them. They may just be listening at work or something. Don't Put them on the spot if they are not able to talk.

Created first new repo in a while. This is a notification/access control script for Allstarlink nodes. I use it on my system and wanted to share.

Massive Home Lab refresh happened this week.. Took some old servers out, put newer ones in (finally upgraded some old 32 bit boxes to 64 bit boxes), moved services around and consolidated stuff in docker. Freed up some pi's for other projects. It was a good week.Finally have some solid infrastructure in place to really experiment and tinker with now...

qrzlogger ( is now installable via pip:

# python3 -m pip install qrzlogger

All this Python packaging is new to me so I hope it works.

Got to do some night fishing for the first time this year and pulled this guy in. First carp I’ve ever caught.

Question: March last year, a new version of the control software for the DV4mini was released, along with firmware, allowing converting the mini to a MMDVM based hotspot. Anyone played with this yetand/or gotten it to work on an Ubuntu 21.04 system? I am running Kubutnu 21.04. I have updated the firmware but dv_serial keeps crashing on Linux. I installed wine and mono and 64 bit C++ framework, tried giving ttyACM0 777 privledges and ran everything as sudo, but it still keeps crashing.

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