Whelp for those who have not yet seen. Hamvention has been canceled again for 2021

Work on the newest version of APRSnotify is progressing. I am working on one of the last big pieces. The new version is going to have some new features with sending to Mastodon and others. Hopefully I will be ready for release soon. In the mean time, if you want to see an example of it working, check out n8acl_aprs@botsin.space or @n8acl_aprs on twitter. The current version is at github.com/n8acl/aprsnotify, but with the new version coming, I would wait to install it.

Happy New Year! At least for me here in the US....

Me: Yeah the movie was cute but it had a lot of plot holes

My wife: you’re a plot hole.

Me as my wife and step son are dying laughing: Um... I’m not sure that’s the correct use of the term but ok.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. And to all a good night. :)

HI Kevin! Yes I have been building those kind bridges for a while. At one point I was the admin for a system that had everything but d-star connected to it. It was pretty cool. Sadly that group folded, but I still playing with that stuff. I have been working on a bridge for one of my local clubs in fact. We have a DMR to allstar bridge right now, but will hopefully be adding more as time permits.

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HI All, Jeff, N8ACL here. Been licensed since 2001. By day I am a database developer and by night I am a dad. I am mostly now into digital voice modes like DMR, and VOIP modes like Allstar. I also do a little development on the side for fun. I have a python app I created called APRSNotfiy that posts your APRS packets to Social Media (soon to include Mastodon). Just gotta finish setting up my profile now :)


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