Next step is hiding some HF long wires in the trees

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Set up my new combination ADSB and network enabled RTL-SDR outside my new place

I've got myself N7AJ, so now I need to change my username...

@KC3JXQ My university club tried to get some scouts on the air in the afternoon and we couldn't get anything. I have a D-Star radio but no nearby hotspot or repeater, this would've been perfect.

*Stares longingly at new Kenwood TS-120s and mostly finished uBitx as I am drowned in school work*

Greasing and reassembling the mixer completed! Construction underway.

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The MFJ 941E has arrived

But I can't put the uBitx together until I finish greasing this kitchenaide mixer and get it off the project table.

I now have my uBitx and should be getting my MFJ 941E antenna tuner today. Just need some ladder line and to put it all together. Where do people buy their ladder line?

@M0YNG I'll do some tooting once I get a hold of it. Hoping it will be a nice stop gap to get me on the air (esp on some digital modes) while I save up money for an IC-7610 and get situated back in my home state in a few months. Going to pick up an MFJ tuner/balun combo and throw up a crappy dipole.

I'm thinking of buying a uBitx, initially to get my house on the air cheap and do some FT-8. What are the general feelings about the radio kit? And/or are there better kits for cheap FT-8?

If you can see this ... it worked. 

@M0YNG same behavior under Firefox on desktop but looks even worse

@M0YNG not sure if it was the upgrade but it seems that going to is a bit broken

@KC3JXQ I'm thinking about picking one up, I graduate in December and should have more cash after that. I also need a second mobile, an HF rig, aaaand........

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