Yet again, money I've been putting aside for a radio is being spent on things that pale in comparrison, like a washing machine and a fridge. Who needs them!?

Text reads: For anyone who will have to deal with unsupportive family this Pride month

Congratulations. I'm your family now. Stay hydrated, eat your veggies, and support yourself. I'm proud of you.

The FT8 2M agreed frequency of use is inaccesible to most entry level amateurs, which is sad. Thought I'd give it a go, but the radios I have don't have a low enough step, 144.174 isn't accessible.

Hope that was an oversight and not an attempt to exclude folks.

Had a good day yesterday getting Chattervox up and running. Initially just used Direwolf, but going to give a go with the TH-D72 today.

Problem I've had with the D72 is that I lose connection to the radio and need to re-enable KISS again. Hopefully it's a cable problem and not the radio itself, but have seen other mention similar problems.

It's either that or put together a board that allows me to key PTT on a radio from a Pi via direwolf.

Managed to pick up a VX-5R on eBay for £50. There's a 6M repeater about 15 miles away, but the transmit frequency is just out of the permitted range for foundation licences. Gutted.

Should hopefully have an 2M0 callsign this year. Just need to get the time to visit the club. Hopefully they'll have me back, haven't been in over a year. Oops!

On the topic or relatively affordable technology, I'm really interested in the open source world surrounding medical aid device development.

Luckily with the NHS I have a free hearing aid, but I have no control over calibrating, having to wait six months on occasion to get an appointment to re-tune. More advanced devices with bluetooth can cost around £2k and if you want something you can retune, it's around £10k.

Looking forward to this series developing.

Managed to get my TH-D72 for £100 on eBay, which was a steal! Would have been using a Baofeng for a long time otherwise (not knocking Baofengs).

Although I've got my eyes on the FT-817ND/FT-818, it's going to take a while and will be interesting to see what what options reveal till then!

Spent most of Friday and Saturday flashing different versions of the TH-D72 firmware as all of a sudden I wasn't able to decode APRS packets.

Looks like the problem is related to an iGate near me that I get most of the traffic from, as I picked up on someone driving by last night. I was relieved/frustrated!

I'm able to decode the iGate via Direwolf and the TNCPi - wonder if it's maybe something to do with the size of the packet or a specific character that it's unable to display/recognise.


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