Approximately 200 German QSL cards scanned with the Google PhotoScan app. These will be uploaded to my cloudlog later.

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2 piles of QSL cards to add to Cloudlog. German on left and others on Right. Does not include the 334 images (1, 2 or 4 sides of cards) already on Cloudlog.

Just bought an Anbernic RG351MP game device as partner also has one. I have a Switch, but a bit protective of it, as signed by Veronica Taylor (voice of Ash from Pokémon TV series), so this looks ideal to take out and about.

Loved watching DJ_Unreal on Twitch last night starting a Ham Radio build from G7UHN of the FT-817 Buddy see details at

Looking to get Foundation, Intermediate or Full UK Amateur Radio Licence?

Please visit the Award Winning at

They are run on our Discord Community and live sessions via Zoom.

Feel free to ask my any questions.

What the biggest thing I miss using Mastadon compared to Twitter?

Translate. I have many Ham Radio followers who are not using English. I should still be able to react here, but especially on app, I can't, yet.

So, why am I here on Mastadon? To jump ship? No. I joined many years ago, like 2018. But I have come back, and see a surge on Elon/Twitter news.

I will still use Twitter for now, and other social media, but I am here and registered if and when needed.

Trying some FT8/FT4 on the bands using my indoor loft antenna for 20m-6m.

I like adblocking devices with Pi-hole, but my Kindle Touch had defeated me. Until tonight. Now using Pi-hole with a Netgear Extender on which I can add DNS manually.

So to post something after a bit of a break here, I'm now at Day 652 of a Daily QSO (since 13th July 2020) during Lockdown. QSOs today include Lithuania and Serbia

Streaming Ham Radio on Twitch at until at least 11pm hopefully until midnight if bands are good.


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