has a built-in "AFSK1200 decoder" so you can read AX.25 packets directly from an .

Here are some local packets!

Almost downloaded a gig of MPLAB to try to program a PIC using a pre-supplied hex file...

... only to discover there's a tiny GUI tool for the PICkit 3 programmer I have. Win! Actually, I just used Windows as last time I tried this stuff on Linux it was really hard.

I definitely prefer AVR stuff, but I guess that's what I'm used to.

I'm building an N7DDC ATU kit from eBay.

Overheard: I just don’t want another bit of communications equipment on the house!

Great to see The Dork Web's recent radio content -- thedorkweb.substack.com/p/the-

This is one of my favourite newsletters at the moment, check it out if you like deep dives into miscellaneous nerdery (you know you do!).

It also mentions @DC7IA's ham list, which is great 👌

@vu3rdd So much content! Hopefully some of it will find it way online afterwards so you don't miss out.

@vu3rdd my problem with online conferences is that it's hard to justify not doing the things that need doing at home when I'm there! Dogs to walk, housework to do, etc 😅

@vu3rdd Yeah, those are on my catch up list.

Lots of interesting content and it was great to see so many attendees. When I went in person there were probably around 30 people, I can see a longer version with streamed sessions working well in future.

@F1RUM @dl4mat @F4INS There's a mini version of the QCX coming out soon. G0UPL mentioned it in his GQRP talk, no ETA but he says he has prototypes on the way.

Really enjoyed the bits of the GQRP online convention I made it to and looking forward to the recordings of the rest.

Some sessions had close to 300 people in attendance!

OK, so I don't use the 30% keyboards I built in the past, but I still want one of these:

@vu3rdd Hans Summers and Pete Juliano are top of my list. 👌

Great news, the GQRP convention will be making recordings available after the weekend.

Pretty sure I can't be at my computer from Saturday, 5 September 2020 at 10:00 - Sunday, 6 September 2020 at 19:0, so that's perfect!

@vu3rdd powerpole connectors are so satisfying to use 😃

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