@M0YNG I had a cable do this exact thing a while ago.

No evidence the cable was ever actually soldered despite solder filling the end of the plug section!

@vfrmedia @g0fcu I'm lucky enough to have off-road parking which is close to my and I think my next car will be an EV, but I'm probably in a minority there.

@g0fcu @vfrmedia absolutely! I think it will take a lot of work and investment.

Car parks and motorway services don't seems to have enough charging points now so a lot more work will be needed.

@vfrmedia This looks like a pretty normal non-armoured cable. As a one-off it's not really a problem but I can see it getting worse, and this is on the road that leads to the Royal Crescent from the Circus so it gets a LOT of footfall in summer.

Spotted in Bath. The new Tesla trip hazard... or solution to charging when you have no driveway.

I’m surprised it’s still so windy and cold but very glad Saturday was so nice. I went out for a nice paddle in the sunshine, just a few hours before the storm hit!

I need to get my antenna pole down to free a stick pulley but I can’t do that until it stops being so windy!

@M0YNG ahh right, so maybe you need to put that in a cron!

@M0YNG impressive. Are there tools to clean the cruft out for you or is it manual work?

Mosfet girl t-shirt: crowdsupply.com/open-music-lab

I really hope this does well, since it’s for charity and also awesome!

Since I this morning I had to read an article stating "Why brave isn't bad" and trying to debunk some "myths" about it, it really doesn't touch anything that was broadly explained in this wonderful article:


It sums up the problem with Brave quite well.

#brave #privacy #scam

🇬🇧 ♥ 🇪🇺 

JetBrains released their IDE font: jetbrains.com/lp/mono/ it's pretty nice!

I like the ligatures although speaking to my colleagues a lot of them really don't (ligatures in general that is).

I've got 60 subscribers so far for my new newsletter The Dork Web, going out this Thursday.

The Dork Web explores the weird world of cyber, hax, privacy and Internet subcultures, with a slice of retro.

If you'd like to catch it, sign up here: thedorkweb.substack.com/

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