Talking of maplin. If anyone on this instance and in the UK wants any RP-crimp SMA plugs or sockets then let me know.

I’ll happily send a few (no charge!) to anyone who needs them. I think reverse polarity is generally used for WiFi gear. I have a bunch of each for RG174 and RG58.

I also have a load of other random connectors, just nothing particularly common, so if you’re looking for something odd then let me know and I’ll see what I have.

Naturally I ran out of crimp connectors so after digging through my Maplin haul I've ended up with a "Clamp-on" BNC plug. And it has loads of bits so I'm searching for info how to assemble it!

My Mum's husband won an Airspy HF+ Discovery! Lucky thing.

Now I'm crimping up some cables to try an get a basic working antenna for him. He's not licensed, so this'll be SWL. Going to start by lending him a 40m EFHW kit from SOTABEAMS. Totally forgot I had it!

@bamfic nice! What sort of do you plan to use? Boxing things up is hard.

@g0fcu @kr4dio I've also seen a load of people getting excited about the nanoVNA so wouldn't be surprised to see more features down the line.

@g0fcu @kr4dio I think the nanoVNA is probably more generally useful so a better buy (also cheaper). But it's also a Chinese clone of an open source project, hence the low price.

The Antuino is a receiver with a crystal filter and signal generator, so can do scalar measurements. SolderSmoke said it was really good for finding spurs on home made gear.

I'm not sure how the nanoVNA does complex measurements. I guess with an ARM core it could be an SDR + signal generator.

Think I'm ready to talk at @G5BK about .

Feel free to send messages to M0YNG-5 (I might even get them!)

@vu3rdd I suppose it'll take another couple of weeks to get to you. It would be nice if they made an electronic version (aside from the back issues on DVD).

Yay! Sprat! Always an excellent read.

Definitely worth joining the G-QRP club if you aren’t already a member.

Thanks to everyone reporting the spam accounts, please keep doing it.

They all seem to be from the same instance, so I'll try and make contact with the admin and see what we can do to stop it.

The release of CentOS 8 was delayed by the release of 7.7 because the project only has three engineers!

I wonder how many users there are per engineer. Probably millions!

@M0YNG ahh, nice. I've heard of that but not used it. Ansible makes sense!

@stevelord good to know, thanks. I signed up when I saw the mail on friday, so 🤞!

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