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RSGB Tonight @ 8 - Amateur Radio Construction with Steve Hartley, G0FUW and Pete Juliano, N6QW

Steve G0FUW (GQRP chair and known for Bath distance learning in the UK) + Pete N6QW (homebrewer extraordinaire).

Should be interesting!

WSJT-X 2.3.0-rc3 is out

This fixes some regressions and bugs "defects" and crashes and adds an improved FST4W decoder.

Release notes at:

Announcement at:

I've neglected my WSJT-X announcement duty!

WSJT-X 2.3.0-rc2 was released on 2020-11-15.

Release notes at:

Mailing list message at:

I don't think there are any obviously visible changes here. I'm hoping it will work properly on a Pi, which the previous rc didn't.

Etherify: This is a really cool hack which uses ethtool to transmit morse which is then picked up by an SDR.


The first release candidate for WSJT-X 2.3.0 is out.

This release adds two new modes for LF/MF, called FST4 and FST4W.
I had heard some rumours about this but not looked into them!

Release notes at:

Mailing list message at:

Great to see The Dork Web's recent radio content --

This is one of my favourite newsletters at the moment, check it out if you like deep dives into miscellaneous nerdery (you know you do!).

It also mentions @DC7IA's ham list, which is great 👌

WSJT-X 2.2.2 is out. It's a bugfix release with some decoder speedups, so that's cool:

> It is particularly targeted for slower single board computer users such as the Raspberry Pi Model 3 or similar.

Announced at:

And release notes at:

It's nice to see the RSGB's response to the Ofcom EMF consultation:

I've only skimmed it, but it looks to be detailed and well argued, and recommends some tweaking to license wording, rather than anything more extreme.

In my mind this is why we should be paying our national societies!

Ohh, WSJT-X 2.2.1 was released with some bug and regression fixes. Get it at

See: for the announcement.

Release notes at:

Looks like it's worth grabbing for the fixes. It's interesting that they statically link their own hamblib that's much more recent than the last release.

WSJT-X 2.2.0 GA is out.

Details at:

Release notes at:

The release cycle seems to have been focused on decoder and hamlib improvements.

WSJT-X-rc3 is now out, just a few days after rc2.

See for details.

Primarily hamlib related bug fixes.

WSJT-X 2.2.0-rc2 is out.

See for details and for release notes.

Bug fixes and some random improvements, like:
- Significantly reduced the rate of false decodes in FT4 and FT8.

I have an eBay saved search for "roller inductor", just so I don't miss any bargains (😂).

These things are so expensive, but look gorgeous. 1.5kW ATU anyone?

Oooh, you can use rigctld-wsjtx to toggle a GPIO pin for PTT, with WTJT-X

So, you could use a PI (or whatever) without yet another serial device, although you'd want some external circuitry i think.

I think I'll stick to my working setup for now! And pronouncing rigctld "rigcuttle d" 😂

I finally posted my WSJT-X + Raspberry Pi setup guide:

I've been meaning to write this for two years but only just got around to it! There's nothing ground breaking here but people might find it useful 🤞🏻

The digital edition of QEX is now available as part of a standard ARRL subscription ( Pretty cool news!

I hope everyone is keeping busy and entertained!

I posted a few links to some interesting radio things I found:

Things like this cool glowing mini antenna:

Another cool DIY radio blog:

Makes me feel bad for my lack of activity recently!

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