So I'm typically an HF CW guy, but I've finally set up my MMDVM hotspot. It's working on DSTAR with my TH-D74, and there is a DMR handheld radio arriving tomorrow. Planning to keep in touch with friends back home with some element of radio. Yes I can do it on the interwebs, but radio is more cool. 👍

It's been a year since I've been on here... Where does the time go? Have I missed much?

Not so much radio to report. Called CQ a few times from the car on 40m CW yesterday but no takers. The 4.5 hour trip took me 6.5 hours because people can only seem to crash their cars on bank holiday weekends.

I have, however, completed the log transfer to Logger32. Had to manipulate it a lot as a CSV to move the app specific remarks tag to be name and qth tags. :)

Last couple of evenings I've actually been on the wireless, signals around Europe on 30m and 40m we decent. Now just barefoot into the wires.

Just been simplifying the shack, packed a bunch of stuff for shipping. Only got one radio on the desk, and no amplifier connected ;)


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