So I have this USB Footswitch, called “FS1-P” made from finest Chinesium. It's mechanically sturdy, and the switch is clicky.

HID is recognised as:
Product ID: 0x2019
Vendor ID: 0x5131
Version: 0.00
Serial Number: SW
Manufacturer: GZIOT

Looks like many others, but seems to use a different chip: CHG551

The configuration software is Windows only, and more importantly: Chinese only, which my computer cannot even display. It's needed to configure the switch.

Any hints how to configure this?

@MacLemon Are you using the software from here?

If so, and if you can't get it to display in English, install a Chinese font, send me a screenshot, and I'll translate

@kr4dio That‘s the part where the different chip comes in. They look identical, but they are electrically completely different.
I tried the PCSensor software which comes in english and it doesn‘t recognize my switch though I know the USB device is recognized and even sends the factory configured key. (Enter)

I‘m not familiar with windows. (Built my first (non-server) PC literally a few days ago. :-)

Do you have a recommendation where to obtain the chinese fonts? Could I extract them from a

@kr4dio Chinese Windows installation perhaps? If you don‘t have an immediate hint on your mind, don‘t bother, I‘ll figure that out.

Thanks for the translation offer. I‘ll happily take you up on that.

@kr4dio Sorry, completely forgot to mention, they use a completely different software. I *assume* it basically flashes the CHG551 USB HID Controller with firmware that hardcodes the keyboard/mouse events the key sends.


@MacLemon Ah, I see. I’ve used pcsensor products before, so I assumed your switch was the same. I guess that’s why you explicitly said it’s *not the same* in your original toot ;)

I’m not familiar enough with Windows to point you in the right direction. Maybe look for something about East Asian language support in the control panel.

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