It's time for - If you're chasing them, and need a way to track it, here's what I use on google sheets:

Will be QRV NW8S 5A OH for Field Day this weekend. Get us in the log and/or come out and visit if you are local!

Who's gonna play in the June VHF this weekend?

A good time was had in the flea market at Hamvention. Thanks to all who stopped by and enjoyed a cold 807 with the NW8S crew.

Is it just me, or is it incredible how many stations there are in grid RR73?

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The Unboxing of the UR5CDX paddle shipped from Ukraine

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Hi, I'm Jake, w0cdt, and I mostly start and then quickly abandon various amateur radio projects

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Hi I'm NA8Q. I mostly operate 40m CW but I'm willing to make an exception and try another band if it means that I can work some of the new UK friends on here ;)

If you're going to , stop by and say hi. Spot 7818 in the flea market.

Who's playing in the ARRL VHF Contest today? Getting ready for some 6m/2m SO2R this afternoon.


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