I think that’s the ideal QCX Mini rig for me! Talentcell battery attached below (until I can find something smaller,) unbranded CW key from Amazon, K6ARK EFHW, and a notebook! Might add some magnets to hold an iPhone on for HAMRS. I want to keep it as simple as possible, though. Hope to get this on the air today for some POTA!

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Looking to check out the new self-service uploader today? Check out the quick video by Matt, N3NWV!


Currently on the bench. Upgrading my QCX Mini with the AGC module and updated firmware. I also got the GPS kit to help calibrate it and operate WSPR. Can’t wait to take this thing out for some hikes!

First Mastodon post! are in order I suppose.

I’m a Duluth, MN ham that’s been licensed for 2 years. My interest are and QRP mobile radio in general. My favorite modes are CW, FT8, and PSK31.

I love assembling kits, trying new wire antennas, and all kinds of raspberry pi projects. That’s about it for now! 72 de KF0ARE

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The self-service uploader is going live for all users 12:00utc Friday! Users who would prefer can still send logs to their call area reps. Later today a short “how to” will be posted on


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