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A lot of the #internet has become dependent on Cloudflare, so any reliability issues with that will cause catastrophic failures.

People think they need Cloudflare for DDoS protection (it's a digital protection racket), and the DDoS problem exists because data is not sufficiently federated/distributed across servers/peers.

So to fix the reliability of the internet, more redundant data storage is needed. This isn't anything very advanced though. Torrents are redundant storage. Federated posts in the fediverse are redundant storage. Most traditional server systems and walled garden data silos are fragile.

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oh fuck yes ; floppotron v3 just got announced

this is not a drill



(if you are wondering wtf a 'floppotron' is, click the link ; its kid friendly

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Hello, I am 47, Live in Phoenix AZ.

Usual geek hobbies, reading, gaming, I especially love playing tabletop RPGs

I am here to learn and explore radio, I am mostly interested in Digital Text Modes. IRLP, mesh networking, radio packet stuff, SDR, basically anything that allows me to mix computers and radio. Studying for license.

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/ is working pretty well for me right now.

I had to wait for some of the pop up storms to move out of the area lol

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Firefox almost gave me a heart attack. They logged me out of my browser sync. Then I logged in and it said "finished syncing" but all my book marks were gone. Turns how they reset all my options and hid the bookmark bar. Don't ever do that #Firefox !!
✌️ 🙏 🤯

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Now that I have a working machine and a whole week off, it's time for the old Commodore 64 kid to start exploring the (to me) new, fantastic and unknown world of ZX Spectrum gaming.

I'm using the "ZX Tape Player" #android app as a tape recorder replacement since it is also more comfortable than having to plug audio cables in the back of my PC.

So here is a photo of me flying a quick round of "Gunship" on the #harlequin128k #zxspectrum - it took me some time to get used to loading and "rewinding" the tape to load the individual missions but it works now.

I played this "simulator" on the #commodore64 back in the day but I must say the Speccy port of the game is a job well done! The wireframe 3d seems slightly faster on the Speccy (something I expected) and I am very impressed by the instrument graphics and the overall display of the cockpit.

It's amazing that after all these decades I even remembered how to start the engines and take off!


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Check out Hams Over IP, a fast growing Voice Over IP service that allows hams all over the world to communicate using phones. There’s even RF links available! hamsoverip.com/

Retro tech as a movement

Hmm interesting thoughts


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Chromebooks foisted on students? Teachers monitoring what children do outside of the classroom via nonfree software? Surveillance of children is common, and it's at your child's school, too. Support #FreeSoftware u.fsf.org/32h

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Today's portable station. 10m wide open into England and Europe. Nice QSO with M0RIF in Dartmoor. X90 on Endfed longwire sloping from poles moored under car wheel.

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