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Aha! After reading the manual I decided to "reset the microcomputer" (tiny reset button on the bottom). I don't know exactly what was wrong, but it seems to work now.

Unfortunately the only repeater in town that didn't have a tone code on it is down while they rebuild the building the antenna was on. I found this problem today because I was messing around with .

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Got it to receive, had to turn the tone off on my testing HT.

Here's the tx behavior.

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Oh cool, my TM-201A doesn't seem to transmit or receive. I think the PTT key is wonky, it flashes the busy lights but they don't stay on.

This little has different tx/rx frequency chunks, but only one antenna. Is the separation enough that only one antenna is needed?

Learning so much.

What's everyone's favorite antenna modeling software?

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Because our big remote race was canceled this year, I'm obviously still thinking about crossband repeaters and whether one would work. Unfortunately, I'm two hours away from the gorge and not likely to get up there with other people able to test for quite a while.

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@kb1gim you could do a long exposure and decode by eye

Okay so hear me out: amateur satellite that switches reflectivity on and off to flash CW to Earth.

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I want to know more about how this interesting real-world sci-fi device inevitably failed.

<< The author was greatly astonished to read the results obtained by J.A. Phinney, Chief Radioman, U.S. Navy, who, having tried the system himself, in 1923, introduced it at the Pensacola, Florida, Naval Training School. Here one may see naval students stretched out on long benches asleep with casket-like coverings over their heads. >>

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US hams! There are spots still open for this Saturday's "Field Day Amateur Extra Upgrade Party".

Remote testing conducted by GLAARG VEC using ExamTools. All you need is an FRN, a computer with zoom and a browser, and a distraction-free environment.

This session is focused on upgrades to Extra prior to the question pool roll-over, but all are welcome.

Sign up at:
Other sessions listed at:

File under "things that work better than a rubber duck." Up in my garage attic space.

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