I'm still trying to study for the US General license exam and the HF band questions always trip me up. I'm thinking of other ways I can display information about bands than the generic ARRL charts.

Has anyone seen any wildly alternative graphical band representations, or are there any ideas of a cool way to display useful information?

My dataviz background is in R, so I'm thinking I could build a table of band variables and try different ways of displaying.

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@kb1gim I had a similar issue remembering the band plan. In the end I just accepted that if that question appeared in the exam I might get it wrong. These days I have the band plan next to the radio for quick reference if needed. It does get easier to remember once you use the band's frequently. Best of luck with your exam.

I would try to learn with tables in text form. For me it is easier. Or you choose the practical experience listening to the radio ...
Gl ✌🏼️

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