Hi all! I got a new callsign, so I'm moving over to @W1CDN. You may be getting a follow invite from there soon.

Yeah, I'm going to switch. It's weird seeing replies/@ with my old call.

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Exciting ham radio stuff for me on my day off social media yesterday.
1 - added 20m to my attic fan dipole.
2a - first SSB contact, which
2b - happened to be with a POTA activation.
3 - managed a bare-minimum CW contact.

Got my logs moved over from my laptop to my with a complex copy and paste process.

Next up is getting a real logging program to talk to , , and the radio.

Related: mastodon.radio/@kb1gim/1081702

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Flagging this hear to think about later, still don't know why my refuses to show signal strength with AGC turned off.

certainly seems overwhelming on first look. Ugh.

Got my vanity callsign W1CDN, held at one point by my great-grandfather in the 1930s.

Now the decision, do I keep this mastodon.radio account, or switch to a new one?

cw frustration 

I feel like I'm getting worse. Going through all this spirit writing, but at 30 wpm characters, I still have ample time to count because I'm at 10 wpm effective spacing.

How do you turn your brain off? Learn even faster?

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Thanks for all the hardware suggestions!

I'm playing with an old Toshiba Satellite L505D. Had Ubuntu installed already, upgraded 18 to 19 to 20. Running into audio issues and waterfall freezing in and . Whole thing is a bit sluggish (expected).

Annoyed with the audio issues, I've swapped the Windows 7 drive back in and will be trying with that.

If I end up doing stuff in the field, will need a solution that needs less power. For now, trying to use what I have.

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What's a decent cheap ? I'd like to avoid SD cards and SBCs like Raspberry Pi. Goal is to run digital modes and do logging.

Use your own version of "cheap" as you'd like.

Testing some here.

I got two T-BEAM 868, which I originally bought for Meshtastic.

Now I re-flased them with Peter OE5BPA software.

It works like a charm. Find my -10 (iGate) and -5 (tracker) on aprs.fi

I guess I have to buy some T-BEAMs for 70 cm now. :)

Ping @kb1gim @sp6mr

OK, OK, I get why people like paddle keys+keyer now. Had to try it myself to understand.

Picked up a double paddle and a straight key from cwmorse.us. I know they aren't as precision as more expensive keys, but I'm just getting into this. Wired them both up and tried some sending.

Will definitely try to get decent on both types, but first I need to learn all the letters.

on Android seems like a good alternative to lcwo.net.

I passed! 49/50

Good times being a test subject for in-person online exam.

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In other news, I'll be taking the Amateur Extra exam in a few hours!

Are there still s? Or does everyone just use internal keyers now?

Any noob recommendations?

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