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Think I'm ready to talk at @G5BK about .

Feel free to send messages to M0YNG-5 (I might even get them!)

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Now seems as good a time as any to randomly mention that you can - but absolutely don't have to - contribute to the running costs of

(I just paid to renew the server for another year!)

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So, I have not decided to run my own Mastodon instance, but I am writing a script that I hope should help install it the heck of a lot faster. It has at least one bug in it that I can tell and it appears to be a pretty major one. But, so far so good. I'm following the installation guide step by step in the script and I even have sleep timers and explanations of what's going on popping on screen. . Also, I have no idea how to use GitHub or Gitlab but I would like to publish it

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"I wanted a LORA/MESH small tool to communicate besides SIM CARD controlled networks. Something really free and capable of helping people in emergency situation or just helping people to communicated freely."

I also have to admit that I have no idea what I'm doing, but this all _seems_ feasible.

Anyone hacked together a dead-simple handheld device for sending text messages? Privacy isn't a concern, interested in installing a repeater to relay messages in remote area. Doesn't need a touchscreen, only a small keyboard and small display for text.

Hello again! I'm not super active here or on the air, but I figured I would toot. I'm located in northwestern , USA.

This is a secondary account for me, but I'll try to post radio-related adventures here. Operating from Minnesota, USA with (still) a Technician license while I study for General. Happy to be here!


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