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Want to get some rad indie media in the mail while you’re quarantined?! Just send us $30 and we’ll send you a package valued at least that amount and including free shipping anywhere in the US!

Money can be sent via Venmo (@altlib ) or PayPal ( ) along with your mailing address, and if you wish, three words to guide our picks 😎

Examples: (comix, anarchy, music) (queer, magick, gardening)

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Open Source CubeSats Ease The Pain Of Building Your Own

Space is hard, especially if you haven’t done it before. A growing number of CubeSats are launched by small, inexperienced teams every year, and a number of them fail due to missing some small but …

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I'm still trying to study for the US General license exam and the HF band questions always trip me up. I'm thinking of other ways I can display information about bands than the generic ARRL charts.

Has anyone seen any wildly alternative graphical band representations, or are there any ideas of a cool way to display useful information?

My dataviz background is in R, so I'm thinking I could build a table of band variables and try different ways of displaying.

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WhatsApp users beware: the app will now force users to agree to share data (i.e. phone numbers, other people’s numbers stored in address books, location, etc.) w/Facebook (even if you've previously opted out).

Time to switch to @signalapp!

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anarchy, ham radio 

Not an anarchist, but I really liked this, but can't remember who shared it. "For an Anarchist Radio Relay League"

I think solidarity/mutual support is another way of addressing the slow-burn types of "emergencies" many people see every day.

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Ham Radio Needs To Embrace The Hacker Community Now More Than Ever

As many a radio amateur will tell you, ham radio is a hobby with as many facets as there are radio amateurs. It should be an exciting and dynamic place to be, but as those who venture fo…

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Oh hey, forgot to report that I finished my ladderline and it seems to work? SWR comes in really low at 2m. Using it for a bit.

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When you apply for an amateur radio license in the US there's a box that asks if you've ever been convicted of a felony.

And I think that sucks.

Not much on the radio front lately, other aspects of my life taking up too much time.

Projects on my list are setting up with my old and building a ladderline . Not going to start those until I finish the living room steps and ship this bike.

Are there any resources for learning about electronics/electrical projects from a *debugging* standpoint rather than a theoretical one?

For example, given a simple application, what is the correct schematic to solve it, *and why*? I find when coding, I solve issues as they come up and learn along the way. So a series of walkthroughs from 1) my intuition is to do it this way, 2) why this way doesn't work (i.e., "error messages"), and 3) what the next step of a solution is.

Just got my first over the air packets, sent a message, and got an ack back!

Still waiting to catch an packet over the air with , though. Not much APRS-IS activity around here to begin with but seems like not much more on RF.

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