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Hello Everyone, Cale-K4CDN here. Thanks for the welcome-totally new to the platform-left Twitter a few years back.
Look forward to getting plugged in.
73 Y'all

Had a good quick chat on simplex with one of the local university club hams. Slowly learning how to do this stuff.


Checked in on the local 2M repeater ragchew this morning. Need to do this more so it becomes less stressful for me.

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I can't remember whether I took a C++ class in high school or stopped at Pascal. Either way, learning it now for is...challenging.

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Dear people on,

you can support this instance if you like by making a recurring donation here:

It is close to reach a sustaining level soon and it would be great if we can relieve the person(s) running the instance a bit.

73 and all the rest

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more inductance (🦆 🦆) = more noise 🤣
(source: Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering (2009), Henry W. Ott). #electronics #hamradio #amateurradio

Quick test last night while walking in the rain, 500m transmit distance in a flat suburban environment. Base device in my kitchen about 8 ft above ground, other device in jacket pocket.

Not amazing, but not bad for cluttered environment and no height.

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Time for a new hashtag for this experiment, .

This image suggests that you can use as a digipeater via KISS and I can't wrap my head around it. The implication is that Dire Wolf is doing the digipeating, not the attached device.

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I did some more reading about learning / , and switched to on Android.

There is a measurable lag in 1) me hearing a character and deciding what it is; and 2) and moving my finger to push the button. I guess it's just a grind now to shorten (1). I feel like (2) is somehow important, though.

Trying to get to 90% character recognition before introducing a new one, listening at 30 wpm character speed and trying not to count 😞 .

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Time to stop listening to podcasts. Getting scatterbrained again about what to spend my time on.

Darn it, I read one thing about contesting on SSB and now, rather than having options, seem limited to either an or if I want to buy a "do it all" rig.

All these niche activities are so cute and I want to support them all. Going to have to rein it in and focus.

It's been long enough since I've used (Android app) that you can now practice sending. So much fun, and apparently I remember a bunch of letters!

dog, radio-adjacent 

Less than 24 hours in and we're feeling really good about this. Did some test walks with and without a phone and got notified appropriately.

The uses Bluetooth when near the base station or a phone running the app (using the respective device location; no GPS chip in the base, location set manually) and wifi + (I think) collar GPS when those aren't available. When no wifi, uses mobile network and collar GPS.

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