Wow, do I make my life complicated sometimes. I guess I'll learn more, but it's painful when I physically can't take three hours and fool around with things.

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- doing more fooling this weekend.
- got an AH-4 and figuring out how to use it.

What are you working on?

The problems were there when the stereo/laptop were farther from the radio/coax.

I don't think this is radiation from the antenna downward to the basement, because I don't see any issues on the main floor.

Should I be looking at better coax, better grounding, something else? I don't know if the RF is getting into the stereo on the speaker wires (ferrites on both ends) or directly into the stereo itself.

I don't have a station ground in the shack aside from the outlet ground.

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I've discovered some RF in my shack and wondering if anyone has suggestions.
- Sometimes when transmitting on the IC-7300, the external hard drive disconnects from the Macbook it is plugged into.
- When my stereo (20-yo Sony receiver) is turned on, transmitting on the 7300 causes a hum in the speakers. The hum is quieter at lower power.

I've put ferrites on most things, but the coax to my HF antenna in the attic runs pretty close to the stereo/laptop.

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My satellite ground station has been up and running for six months.

My antenna is a dipole I just cobbled together from wire and some coax and it's hanging outside my garage door. It seems to have some directivity towards east.

I'm not disappointed in working 75 stations on over the last few months. Still not sure how much power I should put into my attic dipole; most of these are on 40m at 70w, but the SA stations were worked on 10m.

General upgrade complete! About 10 days of /AG messing up my FT8 CQs.

They are grading my General upgrade test right now... 🤞

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Ham radio people - try out a utility I wrote for sending files over packet radio:

Also check out the underlying protocol that I wrote, which exists as a library:

#ham #hamradio

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Yes I believe in NFT

Hi neighbors. One of you posted a bunch of thoughts about and alternatives sometime this year. Can anyone point me to the thread?

The criticisms included being restricted by operating system, among other things.

Just saw , looks rad:

> Cave-Link is a data communication and measurement system for cave research and mining. It allows safe data transmission through several hundreds of meters of solid rock.

> For communication VLF (Very Low Frequencies) frequencies are used.

HN comment thread:

This stuff bugs me because it's not "off the grid," it's just using a more expensive grid:

Satellites are super cool, but they're still infrastructure someone else has to maintain.

Power supply now making this noise and not powering computer:

Temporarily using the very frayed original power brick for the MBP, but it does not look like it makes less RFI.

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Welp, I worked 14 people on while conditions were decent this last week. Not going to complain about that.

Don't know how I managed that Uruguay QSO of ~6100 miles. Loads of fun!

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It might not be a problem except that it's the machine I've been using for .

Seems like the brick is throwing RF, rather than sending anything along the wires. Could be true, it's a third-party replacement.

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Oh hey, plugging my MBP in adds like 5 s-units of noise on 10m.

:alex_thinking: 🤦‍♂️

Getting some ferrites delivered tomorrow, and hopefully that will reduce the noise on 10m. 40m still comes in clear, which I'm happy with, but not sure of SWR on that dipole yet.

Realized this evening that my Macbook Pro power supply causes a lot of noise when plugged in...🤦

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