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We may have only gotten 2 students on the air, but one of them was brand new to the hobby! So I consider that a win! And they both had fun making contacts with other schools and DX stations before the bands closed up on us.

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Hanging out in the club ham shack with this morning. About to make some more contacts!

The Collegiate QSO Party has been fun so far this weekend!

Enjoying a chilly morning on /

I've been band hopping but the upper bands haven't opened up yet for me today

I'm excited for the Collegiate QSO Party coming up this weekend!

I'll be helping out with at

got home early from my plans and hopped and / is still wide open. this is fantastic!

found some time this evening to hop and enjoy some time 🙂

currently on /

Bist Du Funkamateur?? Würde mich interessieren, ob es noch mehrere Personen gibt, oder ob ich alleine bin. 😕

Pls :boost_ok:

A nice milestone met for all members of POTA! 😃 We have just passed tracking over 9 million QSOs. Congrats to everyone 🙂 73 W3AAX
POTA Contacts: 9,002,944

getting ready to mirror Debian 11.5 but while I'm waiting for the downloads, I'm lol

For those who may be a little there is a contest on 15m that has so far given two new countries, UAE and Thailand (YIPPEE). All you have to say is your callsign, 59 + a number starting from 001. You don't have to upload your logs so it's a great opportunity to do SSB and nothing else.

📢 WSJT-X 2.6.0-rc4 was released on 2022-09-07 and provides further improvements to Echo
mode, a new File menu item, and several bug fixes.

I looks like people are having a bit of trouble with some debs and there's no macOS installer yet.

Release notes:



Map of heard on each large Maidenhead locator in real time (last 15 minutes) based on data

Useful to know which band and which mode to use to find a contact.

depending on how much free time I have this weekend, and if I can stay awake late enough at night, I might set up my EFHW

Moved to / this morning. Seems to be open from the US to Australia! I haven't made it yet, but lots of other folks are.

Got up early to try to chase on / I saw someone on the air, but they faded and they never heard me. Maybe another day!

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