Recently I listened a crazy man in the shortwave bands. The station is called "The overcomer Ministry" which screams and talking about the end of the worlds and other things.

All to obtain the QSL Card. I have seen several 🤭

Ugh. My first QSO in months and the callsign does not show up on QRZ. KB9BW, Bill, in MN. I'm sure I heard it right but it ain' t there. :(

Secret non-serious project was making another center connector for my attic fan dipole. Not following any directions really. Seems to work. Added 17m. IC7300 tunes up 40, 17, 15, 10, 6 with 40, 17, 10 dipoles on the fan.

Temp is 3 degF today, so my fingers got chilly in the attic.

Howdy folks! Time for my post. I've been using an IC-7300 for about 2 yrs, mostly (not content warning, heh) and a little PSK31 but not much of an accomplished operator in any mode. IRL club = Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub - K5LRK. Other interests = . Looking forward to learning.


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