2m simplex is dead in my area.

I'm trying to fix that. Been calling CQ on FM and SSB calling freq's the last couple nights.


Time to look at again. I just figured out it can be used w/o the central servers.

SDR# looks nice, Too bad no Linux. Sticking it out with CubicSDR...

I'm going to try . I'm only interested in direct comms not using the central servers.

Might try for the EXTRA tomorrow night. I'm on the fence. Passing about half of practice tests....

Finally heard someone on 2m FT8 75 miles away. No QSO. My 1/4w ground plane 10ft at 25 watts couldn't get there

If anyone wants to sked some Q65 tests let me know. I'd like to try it on 20m and 40m. Most people are testing it on 6m.

Been checking out visible ISS passes after dusk. I never knew you could see so many starlink and other sats with the naked eye.

Unfortunately, but not unexpected, WSJT-X 2.4 rc1 crashes sometimes and does not work with CQRLOG. Ubuntu Mate 18.04

Made my first Q65 mode contact with WSJT-X 2.4.0rc1. 150 miles 6m 25w.

Who's testing Q65 with WSJT-X? I think I got it working but nothing heard on 6m....yet

(Temporarily shutting down the shack for thunderstorm)

i386 version installed (on my 64bit system). Not ideal, but seems to work.

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Can't install WSJT-x 2.4 due to dependency issue, which requires ubuntu 20.04, can't upgrade 18.04 system due to a bug, ...

a downward spiral

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