@KC3JXQ @ab3xu @Kc3gpm

I live in New Hampshire now, but I grew up in Blue Bell, PA. I also know the Goldberg's neighborhood well. 😁

My 1:1 balun showed up in the mail today. If the weather is good tomorrow, I'll add it to my 40m horizontal loop.

@KC3JXQ I'll check it out on Sunday to at least listen in on it for a while.

Hi all. I've been licensed since 1981, but became inactive due to work and other obligations. I've started to getting the bug again, mostly on the digital modes and I watch a lot of YouTube channels on the hobby😁. My main rig right now is a Yaesu 857, but I think an Icom 7300 may be added in the very near future. I'm a software engineer by day. At home I mostly use MacOS and kubuntu Linux. I'm just having a blast learning and playing with all the new stuff.


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