Caught this really interesting programme on the BBC yesterday:

It's part of a series called My Perfect City and this episode looks specifically at London's night-time economy. I didn't know radio's Amy Lamé was now working as Sadiq Khan's "night czar"!

The whole series is brilliant, I just happened to catch this one in the car.

Community radio applications out:

There seems to no longer be any rhyme nor reason to these application periods - they used to be regional, so you'd get all the North West applications, then all the Midlands applications. Now they seem fairly random.

Some familiar names return, a few stations that have closed in the past appear to be coming back to haunt us.

"A radio show produced by the homeless to tell their stories, their way."

This is what local radio should be doing, but it's taken an excellent charity and NESTA funding to make it happen.

Watch out, radio people. I'm hearing that there's a commercial radio station on Merseyside advertising for presentation staff on a "you get paid if you get a sponsor for your show" basis.

This is not legal and they are falling foul of minimum wage laws by operating in this manner. If you come across this person, politely tell them no.

Ali Brownlee, the "Voice of the Boro". Worth a read even if you have no interest in football or Middlesbrough FC - a wonderful example of a local radio person who spent his life as a cheerleader for his much-maligned area.

"It's party, party, party! Everybody round my house for a parmo!"

Let's try using the polls feature for something amateur radio related.



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