@M0YNG All quiet now... I'm scooting off for the next two days to avoid it!

@M0YNG I'm not seeing much ADSB traffic strangely. I'm only a few hundred yards from the heliport.

@M0YNG Not that I've found. Have you tried the EGBJ frequencies?

🇬🇧 ♥ 🇪🇺 

@M0YNG Probably not... an external modem serial will be RS232 so the voltages will fry the pi.

@M0YNG Windows Mail will do the basics, Outlook on hand held devices is similar.

@M0YNG I use K9 on my Droids and a thing called Ameol on my PC. (Don't... it's not just email!)

@M0YNG Neither have I, but then I'm a luddite and use plain text and POP3 ;-)

I've just set up a test account and fired an email in both directions. Works a charm.
POP3 is always worth a consideration, local copies of all your mail, and it gets cleared after x days. (to keep you under the 2GB free limit.)

@M0YNG After some investigation, it looks like Ionos give you a free email basic account with each domain, so just use their servers.. I could over complicate this by collecting using my VPOP but no need. Total cost is £10 per year for a .co.uk address. Not free, but also not shit, and not likely to fall off the face of the earth taking your mail with it.

HTH 73

@M0YNG May not suit your needs perfectly, but I register my domains with 1&1 (Now Ionos) and point them to my vPOP3 server at home.
caveat: I have fixed IP
Mail and web on the one box.
VPOP3 is £80 (for up to 5 users) to buy, but it's not a subscription service, it's a one-off. Now, if you want to set your email to direct, you can do that with the MX, but if you're dynamic that won't work.
Other nice to have things are a spam filter that you can tune/tweak yourself.

@M0YNG My voip is via a voip function in the router. So I have no need for a PBX and just plug the standard phone into the socket provided. It works very well. The work system is via remotely hosted PBX so Although it's VOIP it just sits on my desk like any normal phone. I love the idea of taking control and hosting my own PBS maybe on a Rapbserry Pi or similar. I will be following this to see how you get on. :)

@M0YNG I host my site at home, I decided a long time ago never to allow any CMS anywhere near it. I rolled my own. One of the things on my very long to-do list is to move the G0LFP site onto it. I started, but I'm not very good at finishing things

@M0YNG This is an interesting one. If you take gas out of the ground and burn it, you create CO2. How can changing the price stop this? Renewable sources for electricity makes perfect sense. Wind/solar/waves etc can create v.v.v.low CO2 power.
We use very little gas here, a little for cooking, our range has gas hobs, and heating during the winter.

Hello, I'm Steve, G0LFP located IO81XV
Not particularly active on but you might find me on or Probably on
2m is hot favourite at the moment, usually running about 25W to a 10 element yagi. HF if I'm there is via a 40m doublet.
Other interests include with the family of cameras and some lenses.

73 fer now

Steve [G0LFP]

@M0YNG Never been here before, thought I'd pop in and take a look.


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