Of course that should have read 'Latest Sprat has arrived'!

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I just thought I'd make a quick cw CQ with my special GQ0FCU call before going to bed as 20m is still open. I've never worked so many stations one after the other 😀

Does anyone know how to correctly configure DMR Gateway on pi-star to work with BM, Phoenix and TGIF? The instructions on YT and elsewhere I've found don't seem to work. The DMR Gateway docs are clear but maybe don't give the complete picture.

I don't know if Ram @vu3rdd and I can claim the first mastodon.radio international meet up but we had a good chat when we met at my hotel in Bangalore last Thursday.

Can I private message someone on Mastodon? I can't see how to.

Right, today is hopefully the day I get my prototype 15/10/6m beam on the air, assuming it works as MMANA says it will.

10km run done, pretty warm today but fantastic weather. 15/10/6m prototype beam being constructed.

Lovely spring Sunday morning in southern UK and having spent a lot of yesterday fiddling with a 13cm pipe cap filter today I will be going for a 10k run and starting work on my 15/10/6m antenna prototype.

I was testing my 13cm transverter on Monday and accidentally shorted the power rail. Puff of smoke and no more power. Tonight I replaced the 5V regulator, which didn't fix the problem. Then I noticed a loose wire no longer connected to the LED indicating power is on. It had actually worked like a fuse and melted the solder joint. I guess my troubleshooting could have been better and saved me 30 minutes replacing the regulator.

Just worked JI1CAZ on 15m CW, first CW qso with Japan.

I made a few contacts on 30m CW earlier including San Marino for a new country 😃 Picture attached I took in 2018 when we visited San Marino. It was a great day out.

My next project arrived today. It's an ex-mobile phone base station amplifier that will give me 'adequate' power on 13cm. It needs 28V/16A but I seem to have overlooked how I'm going to provide this power for portable operation. Any ideas?

K3NG balanced auto ATU with MQTT enhancement added by myself to allow remote control completed and installed.

Luckily just a simple loose wire I hadn't noticed that got dislodged when I had to disassemble the unit to burn the bootloader.

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I wonder if the crystal frequency got set incorrectly, hmmm.

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I had to reload the bootloader of an Arduino Mega earlier and now it's not working in the same way as before. In particular the timing seems to be different, e.g. used 4000 mS for a 4 second delay before, now 40 in the same parameter gives a 4 second delay.

K3NG balanced auto tuner build begins. Picture 1 - layout. Picture 2 - 12v & 5v regulators fitted

I made 111 qso's in the CQWW CW contest at the weekend. The first time I've participated. No idea what score that gets me as cqrlog doesn't do contest scoring and it seems all the contest logging programs are either 1. stuck in the 1980's and think DOS is where it's at, 2. don't have an import feature, 3. have an import feature that doesn't work.

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