Hi Everybody,

I'm new to mastodon radio, so here's my introduction..

I've been in the hobby for close to 40 years and licenced for 38 of them (where did that time go?!) and I'm still finding good things in it!

My main interests are in building equipment, portable gear and HF QRP operation. In fact, I'm now very close to achieving my goal of a 100% homebrew, functional radio station!

I'm looking forward to getting involved in conversation!

73, Gary

@scott_n5jlq Thanks Scott! It's been a long term goal to have a fully hand-built, battery powered station. I've just realised that I can't quite claim the 100% as I'm using a modified Baofeng microphone! 😀

Welcome, Gary, I hope you'll like it here!

I would be interested in a description of your shortwave rig (assuming it's part of your station).

For some years, I operated a "blue cool radio", self-assembled from a kit. It's a CW QRP rig covering 80/(60)/40/30/20/17 m. Has a superhet RX with crystal adjustable bandwidth filter, quite usable. Then I wanted 15 m and shorter as well as digimodes and phone. So I bought a commercial rig and now my BCR is collecting dust.

@g0cuq Good to meet you Gary. We also have a community talkgroup on DMR TG 7337 on TGIF, also linked with YSF Fediverse room 73737

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